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Why ALL LED Christmas Lights Are Green

Red, green, and white are traditional Christmas colors. And Christmas lights come in all the colors of the rainbow.

But if you’re using LED Christmas lights in your display, did you know that every single one of those lights is green?


The New Christmas Color

In a way, you could say that green is the new predominant Christmas color. That’s because LED Christmas lights are rapidly gaining in popularity.

These days, in fact, LED Christmas lights are becoming more prevalent than old-fashioned incandescent lights. And one of the reasons for the surging popularity of LED Christmas lights is that they’re all green, as noted above. Not a literal green, of course, but figuratively. That’s because LEDs are far more energy efficient than incandescent lights.

On average, in fact, LED Christmas lights use up to 90% less energy than incandescent Christmas lights. Apply that savings in energy to a worldwide scale, and you’ll get a very ‘green’ number.

More ‘Green’ Benefits

LED Christmas lights can be labeled ‘green’ just because of the vastly reduced amount of electricity they consume. But the reason for the green is actually a bit more complex‚Ķ

LED lights last far longer than old-fashioned Christmas lights. The service life of LED bulbs can vary, depending upon the manufacturer. But on average, you can expect LED Christmas bulbs to last for anywhere from 25,000 hours to 75,000 hours.

How does that compare to incandescent Christmas bulbs? Most incandescent bulb lifespans are measured in the hundreds of hours. So you could expect to burn through dozens of incandescent bulb replacements during the lifespan of a single LED Christmas bulb.

How does that make LEDs more green?

It’s simple. Think of all the resources that go into manufacturing a Christmas bulb: all of the energy and the materials. And think of the pollution that’s unavoidably generated during the manufacturing process.

Multiply all of that by a factor of several dozen for incandescent Christmas lights. And multiply all of that by a factor of just 1 for LED Christmas lights. That’s how the two compare, because you’ll use dozens of incandescent bulbs through the years to do the job that one single LED bulb could do.

And then you also have to dispose of those dozens of burned-out incandescent bulbs – while the single LED bulb keeps shining brightly season after season.

So which is more earth-friendly? Which is better for the environment. Which is greener? The dozens of incandescent Christmas bulbs, or the single LED Christmas bulb?

The answer is obvious.

TLC is LED Friendly

At TLC, Inc., we’ve long been proponents of the LED bulb. They just offer so many advantages – and not just for the individual consumer, but for the world at large.

That’s why we push the use of LED bulbs in our landscape lighting services. And that’s why we do the same with our holiday lighting services.

After all, it could be argued that these days, the very most important Christmas color is green. And no Christmas lights are greener than LED Christmas lights.

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