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Bob's Bio

A Humble Beginning Can Lead to Great Success

Bob Carr founded TLC Incorporated in 1981. At the time, Bob’s business consisted of mowing lawns for just a handful of customers. But Bob offered something that is all too rare these days, something that customers universally crave: a job always well done and top-notch customer service. From the beginning, Bob’s goal with each customer was not to simply land a job, but to acquire a lifelong customer – and friend. It was an approach to business that helped to generate rapid growth.

By 1989, Bob’s lawn-mowing business was booming. And while his customers were glad to be relieved of their lawn-mowing chores, Bob noticed something else: many of them would be happy to be relieved of their lawn-watering chores as well. So TLC Incorporated began offering the installation and maintenance of lawn irrigation systems. And in the years since, TLC has added outdoor lighting, holiday lighting and garage organization services – all added to provide Bob’s valued customers with the services they need and want.

TLC Incorporated has grown dramatically over the years into one of the premier irrigation and lawn service companies in the mid-Atlantic region. Bob’s company currently serves more than 8000 customers in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C. TLC employs scores of people, and maintains a fleet of dozens of vehicles for servicing customers across a wide geographical area.

And while Bob has long since graduated from the daily grind of mowing lawns, he’s still integrally involved with the day-to-day operations of TLC Incorporated. Bob stays abreast of the latest in cutting-edge technology, always seeking ways to run the company more efficiently and provide better service for his customers. That includes using the latest and best of office management software to assure that office and field crews stay in sync, so that customer needs are handled in a timely manner.

From humble beginnings, Bob Carr’s TLC Incorporated has grown into a large and very successful company. But Bob has achieved his success the old-fashioned way: lots of hard work and a near-obsessive drive to provide the very best of customer service. Because while hard work and customer service may be old-fashioned, they’ve always been the keys to long-term success in the world of business, and always will be – just as they’ve been the keys to success for TLC Incorporated.

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