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About TLC Incorporated

We Want You for Life!

We value our customers very highly. After all, the success of TLC Incorporated depends upon the loyalty of our customers. That’s why we want your business for life. And the best way to develop customers for life? Overwhelm them with customer service so above and beyond that they won’t think of going anywhere else.

We do that by offering perks such as our 7-year parts and labor warranty on any TLC system we install. We also offer a LifeTime warranty on our garage flooring systems. No other company in the mid-Atlantic region offers such a generous warranty. And that’s why no other company’s customers are as loyal as our wonderful customers.

For one-off jobs such as irrigation or lighting systems installation, we offer attractive service agreements that assure your systems will provide dependable service for years to come. And to foster a sense of community – and because our customers are also our friends – we offer occasional perks like the old-fashioned ice cream social we recently threw for our customers. (We’ll admit, though, that we certainly ate our fair share of ice cream too!)

Our customers are the best customers, because we’re constantly working to assure that they’re the happiest customers. It’s an arrangement that pays great dividends for everyone involved.

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