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How to install your Christmas lights using JUST your phone!

Well, the holiday season is here. Thanksgiving is just days away. And that means that life is about to get really hectic.

The Christmas season is wonderful. But let’s face it: it’s one of the busiest times of the year. And because of that, it can also be the most stressful time of the year.

All the time and effort you put into getting ready for Christmas is worth it, though. You can tell that just by looking at your family’s faces, all smiling and bright with joy during that time of the year.


Christmas Lights Are a BIG Part Of That Joy…

Do you spend lots of time every holiday season decorating your house with Christmas lights? Or do you wish you had the time to do that?

It’s a big job. It can be a dangerous job. And it does take a lot of time. But everybody loves Christmas lights. They help to make the season special.

That’s why I thought you’d be interested in this news…

Do It ALL With Your Phone

Is your smartphone nearby? If so, would you pick it up for just a moment?

Here’s what you can do with that phone you’re now holding in your hand. You can now accomplish these two chores using just your phone:

  • Custom design your Christmas light display specifically for your house
  • Have those lights installed

All just with your phone. Really!

Here’s How: Just go to this site, and install the new Microsoft Christmas Lights Designer on your phone, or on your PC (the app is free).

Using this app, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild in designing a custom display for your home.

Now Use Your Phone To Call Us

The next step is to give us a call at: 410-721-2342. Share your finalized design with us, and we’ll make it happen for you. Simple as that. All you have to do is schedule your preferred installation time.

There’s still time. The Christmas display of your dreams can be installed in plenty of time for Christmas. And you’ll have done it all JUST by using your phone.


Isn’t modern technology wonderful?

P.S. You do know that TLC Inc. offers Christmas light installation services, right? It has quickly grown into one of our more popular services. Not surprising, considering how difficult and time-consuming it is to decorate a home with Christmas lights. Dangerous, too – particularly for people who aren’t accustomed to climbing ladders and clambering over rooftops.

And unlike some professional installers, we provide our customers with a complete, end-to-end service. We install your lights for you. We take them down at the end of the season. And then we even store your lights for you until next Christmas.

We’ll even design your light display for you if you’d rather not bother with it. You don’t have to do anything. Except use your phone, of course.

But don’t dawdle. Christmas is just around the corner!

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