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What’s Your Christmas Style?

Have you ever noticed?

If you like to drive around gawking at all the spectacular Christmas lights during the holiday season, have you ever noticed all the different styles that people use in decorating their homes?

Three Primary Styles of Holiday Lighting

Compare all the different Christmas lighting decorations you see this holiday season, and you’ll probably agree that they come down to variations of three basic styles.


One style is a minimalist style. A homeowner decorating in this style usually just puts up a simple display, nothing garish or spectacular. Maybe some lights around the roofline, perhaps a few light strings in trees or foliage, and that’s about it. This style is not particularly eye-catching, but it can certainly be elegant and attractive.

Another style is holiday-neutral. This style doesn’t explicitly convey a Christmas celebration. It might offer a wildly enthusiastic celebration of the holiday season, but it’s not specifically about Christmas. This style is more about celebrating the holiday season in general, and not about one specific holiday.

And then there are the ultra-Christmas displays. These displays are ALL about Christmas. They’re loaded with Christmas symbology, things like Santa, elves, and maybe even some Christmas phrases like ‘Noel’ spelled-out in lights.

Which Style Do You Favor?

There’s no right or wrong in holiday lighting styles. Preferring one over the other is no more wrong than preferring vanilla to chocolate, or vice-versa. It’s simply a matter of taste.

And as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. After all, wouldn’t it be excruciatingly boring if all Christmas light displays were of the very same style? Even the most spectacular Clark Griswold-like mega-displays would be boring if all displays were of that style.

So no matter what your personal favorite might be, your preferred holiday lighting style is just as important as any other.

Make Your Mark with Your Style

Styles in fashion and personal grooming help us to define who we are, and help us to distinguish ourselves as individuals. Christmas lighting styles offer the same opportunity.

When your house is decorated for the season, it puts your unique style-stamp on your neighborhood. It helps to define who you are, and what you believe. It can be your way of customizing your little corner of the world.

And the really good news?

You don’t have to lift a finger to make that happen. You don’t have to trudge up ladders or dangle from rooftops. You don’t have to lay out miles (seemingly!) of extension cords or calculate electrical loads.

All you have to do is call upon TLC’s Holiday Lighting services. Tell us your vision, give us your Christmas lighting style preferences, and we’ll make it happen for you. We’re well versed in all holiday lighting styles.

Because there’s really only one holiday lighting style that’s bad. It’s the non-existent style of the Scroogian homeowner that doesn’t decorate at all. And that’s not your style, is it?


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