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Planning a Home Renovation Project? Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

Are you planning to have some renovation work done in your home? If so, you’ll be doing that to make your home a more pleasant and comfortable place for your family.

So why not do the same for your pets? You might think it sounds rather silly, but in fact it’s a growing trend to make homes more pet-friendly during the process of performing home renovations.


And why not?

For most of us, after all, our pets are part of the family. So as long as you’re undergoing the process of a home renovation, why not make your home more comfortable for your furry family members, too?

Following are some of the most common changes people are making to their homes to better accommodate their pets.

Convenient Egress

If you’re forever having to interrupt what you’re doing to let your dog in or out, installing a doggy door can be a great luxury both for your pet and for you. But a doggy door doesn’t have to be just an ugly flap cut into a door as an afterthought. Modern doggy doors are designed to be both stylish and functional.

Pet-Friendly Floors

Where does your dog spend most of its time? Probably on the floor. So when you renovate your home, you can make your floor more pet friendly – both for you and for your pet.

For areas where your pet spends the most time, consider using floor coverings that are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Carpet isn’t a great choice for these areas. But if you really want the look of carpet, consider using carpet tiles that are removable and washable.

And for the ultimate in doggy luxury, think about installing radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating will certainly beat lying on cold floors from the perspective of your pet. But it’s also a very energy-efficient method of heating your home.

A Mud Room

Having a room where you don’t have to worry about muddy paws and soggy fur coats can be great for both homeowner and pets. When you’re coming in from a walk or from outdoor playtime, you can get the dog cleaned up without freaking about the mess you’re making. That makes you more relaxed, and by extension, it also makes your pet more relaxed.

When you design your mudroom, consider incorporating a convenient storage area dedicated to pet stuff – leashes, collars, halters, towels for clean-up, etc.

Doggy Dining Area

You have a designated area for dining. Why not have the same for your pets? It may sound like an extravagant luxury, but it’s actually quite a convenience.

You can incorporate dedicated storage for pet food. You can include designed insets for food and water bowls – no more food and water messes from knocked-over bowls. You can even have a water tap plumbed-in for added convenience.

And you can floor the area with tough, wear-resistant material that you might not necessarily want in your own dining area.

Doggy Bath

Is bath time for your pet a messy ordeal? You can make it a bit easier on yourself by having a small purpose-made bath area built for your pets.

Instead of a tub, you can have a laundry sink installed at a comfortable height, so that you’re not constantly bending over while bathing your pet. Another alternative is a small doggy shower with a handheld nozzle.

A small, dedicated bathroom for pet cleanup may not be the favorite place of your pets, but it can certainly make your life easier.

Napping Nook

Many homeowners are incorporating a pet napping nook in their home remodeling projects. Sort of like an indoor doghouse, a napping nook gives your dog a place of its own to escape the hubbub of family life.


For the feline members of your family, you can create a variation of the doggy napping nook: a cat cabinet. Cat cabinets are often incorporated into a smaller isolated room, such as a laundry room. And if you have both a cat and a dog, your cat will appreciate having a dog-proof door to its cat cabinet.

One Big Happy Family

Include some pet-centric plans in your project, and your home remodel will benefit every single member of your family, both human and non-human. And in the end, that’s what a home remodeling project should do: make life better for everyone.

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