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Was Your Home Among the Hunted This Christmas?

It’s a long-standing Christmas tradition in America: bundling up the family, trundling them into the car, and going on the hunt. And for what are these families hunting?

Spectacular Christmas light displays!

It’s a tradition that’s been ongoing for decades. Families going on the hunt for the most fantastic, delightful residential Christmas displays. The kind of displays that make you slow the car to a crawl while everyone in your family goes “ooh” and “ahh.”

And if your home is among the homes that these families hunt for, you get lots of delight from having the home that everyone’s “oohing” and “ahhing” over. It’s a win-win deal, because you get as much joy from it as the spectators doing a slow holiday drive-by.

So was your home one of the hunted this year?

If so, you enjoyed the special delight of giving lots of joy to neighbors and thousands of anonymous Drive-Byers.

And if not?

Well, it’s not too early to lay plans for Christmas 2015. While you’re thinking about it, we thought you might enjoy a look back at some of the ‘hunted’ homes we lit-up for our customers for Christmas 2014.

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It was a lot of hard work. But we also had lots of fun with each and every one of these projects. And for us, there’s great satisfaction in helping to light-up a ‘hunted’ home that brings joy to so many.

We’re already looking forward to Christmas 2015. And we’ve already started a list of customers that want to have ‘hunted’ homes next Christmas.

Want to be on it? Schedule a free lighting estimate!

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