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Avoid Garage-Caused Noggin Knots

Falls that occur in the home cause more than 5 million injuries every year. Most falls that occur in the home are non-fatal, though many result in serious injuries. And some falls in the home do result in death. Falls, in fact, are the leading cause of injury-related deaths that occur in the home.

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But there’s another type of fall that deserves some attention. It happens in the garage. And it’s not about your body falling; instead, it’s about something falling on your body – most likely on your head.

Injuries caused by falling items in the garage aren’t quite as numerous or severe overall as “slip and fall” accidents. But a number of people are injured every year from falling items. And even if this type of accident results in nothing worse than raising a knot on your noggin, it’s worth avoiding, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few tips for avoiding noggin knots from falling objects in the garage.

  • Keep heavy and sharp objects completely out of the reach of children.
  • Don’t store ladders vertically, leaned-up against the wall. Store them horizontally. That will eliminate the potential hazard of a ladder toppling onto someone.
  • Make sure that garage wall-mounted shelving is securely mounted. Regularly check for attachment hardware that may be loosening, or attachment fittings that may be developing cracks.
  • Be very cautious about overloading shelves. If there’s any question that you might be approaching the maximum storage weight of a shelving unit, install more shelves to lighten the load on each. (Besides, you really could use some more storage space, couldn’t you?)
  • When organizing the storage of items on shelving, use this rule of thumb: heavier items are always stored lower than lighter items. So your heaviest items should be stored on the lowest shelves, and your lightest items should be stored on the highest shelves.

The Best Way to Avoid Noggin Knots?

Give us a call, and ask about the StoreWALL shelving we routinely install during garage clean-ups and makeovers. Quite simply, it’s the best garage storage system on the market.

It’ll help you avoid noggin knots. And other garage storage-related headaches, as well.

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