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Remember When Snow Meant FUN and PLAY?

It has probably been awhile. For some of us, in fact, it’s been quite a long while! But once upon a time you really looked forward to a fresh snowfall, didn’t you?

That was probably the case when you were a child. Back then you probably looked forward to each new snowfall with delightful anticipation.

After all, a fresh snowfall meant lots of F-U-N. Snowmen to build. Snow forts to construct. Snowball battles to win. Snow angels to create. Sledding and skating to enjoy.

And when everything went just right and there was a whopper of a snowfall at just the right time…no school! A snow day!

How Times Have Changed!

As the saying goes, that was then and this is now. And things have changed.

You no longer look forward to each new snowfall with childish delight and glee. When a winter storm is on the way, you don’t fall asleep at night with dreams of snowmen and snow angels and the chance at a snow day dancing through your head.

Instead, you lie in bed and worry. You worry about the impact that snow is going to have upon your life. Because it’s not going to be fun, and you know it.

Instead, it’s going to be a struggle. You’re going to have to do battle with that snow. You’ll have to clear it from your driveway, from your sidewalks, from your porch.

Instead of falling asleep with dreams of snowmen and snow angels, your dreams (nightmares?) will be of snow shovels, snow blowers, aching backs, and frostbitten fingers and toes.

Isn’t it sort of sad that what once would have filled you with childish delight and joyful anticipation now fills you with dread?

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way…

We can’t turn back the clock in most aspects of life. Once we grow to adulthood and leave childish delights behind, they’re mostly gone for good.

But not in every case.

Consider the delight of a freshly fallen snow, for example. Did you know that you can return to enjoying that event just nearly as much as when you were a child?

It’s true. And you can make that happen with ease.

All you have to do is turn the responsibility for dealing with all that snow over to someone else. No more nightmares of snow shovels and snow blowers. No more aching backs and frostbitten fingers and toes.

When you arise in the morning to a stunning white world of freshly fallen snow, ethereally and enchanting beautiful, you can relax and just enjoy the special moment – perhaps while sipping on a steaming mug of your favorite coffee.

Clearing all that snow from your walkways, driveway, and porch? That’s not your problem!

Just like being a kid all over again. Well, at least a little…

Enjoy Your Freedom!

What will you do with your newfound freedom from the adult responsibilities that come with each snowfall? Make snowmen? Have snowball fights? Build snow forts?

Maybe not. All that stuff sure was fun only a few short years (or decades) ago. But for us older folks, the ability to just sit and relax on a cold, snowy morning is also fun.

It’s a special kind of freedom!

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