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Does Your Garage Make You Smile?

Here’s a simple question for you: Does your garage make you smile?

Think about it.

When you walk into your garage, how does it make you feel? Are you mad about the mess? Dismayed by the disorganization? Appalled by the appearance of your garage?

Or instead, do you get that wonderful, everything’s-right-with-the-world feeling?

If you’re like many other homeowners, your garage most definitely does NOT make you smile.

Lots of Messy Garages Out There…

According to a recent survey, lots of homeowners do not smile when they walk into their garage. 25% of homeowners, in fact, say that their garage is too cluttered to park their car inside.

Nearly a third of homeowners admitted that they’re so embarrassed by the cluttered state of their garage that they keep the door closed so the neighbors won’t see it.

Sadly, the survey also revealed that those messy garages are the source of matrimonial stress. 20% confess that they’ve had arguments with their spouse over the state of their garage.

And nearly 75% of homeowners say that they wish their garage was better organized.

Moving to Escape!

A collection of other surveys from recent years reveals some additional interesting facts.

According to one survey of homeowners that had recently moved, their messy, cramped garage was at least part of the reason they decided to move. They were moving to escape their cluttered garage!

There’s no question that the garage is of great importance to the American Homeowner.

In one survey, 74% of homeowners considered the garage to be the most important amenity in a home. 91% base their decision to buy a home partly upon whether the garage is clean and orderly.

And since one survey revealed that 95% of Americans use the garage for storage, it’s no surprise that there are lots of cluttered, messy garages out there!

Turning the Frown Around

If you’re living with a messy garage, you know that it’s not pleasant. Your garage certainly doesn’t make you smile every time you enter it. It’s more likely to generate one of those upside-down smiles.

But there’s a simple way to turn that frown around. All it takes is a phone call to TLC’s Garage Organization Service. Our crews can clear out the clutter. And just as importantly, we’ll install garage storage systems that will prevent clutter from getting out of control again.

So if your garage makes you sad, isn’t it time to do something about it?

Why Wait?

One other survey revealed that about half of homeowners are determined to get their garages cleaned and organized…in the next two years.

Two years! That’s a whole lot of time to be frowning!

Why put up with the mess for that much longer? How about getting that clutter cleared away in 2 weeks instead – and spend those 2 years smiling? We can make that happen for you.

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