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Outdoor Kitchens Are All the Rage

What’s one of the hottest trends among homeowners today? It’s moving more inside activities outside. Making use of the outdoors that used to be the sole haven of pets and plants.

Because it turns out that outdoor space is great for people, too.

One of the most popular ways currently to use the outdoors for everyday living is with outdoor kitchens. And no, the term ‘outdoor kitchen’ does not simply refer to an outdoor grill or barbeque, or a firepit. These days, outdoor kitchens are real K-I-T-C-H-E-N-S.


The Works, Please

Modern outdoor kitchens tend to be quite well equipped. They often contain every device and amenity you’d expect to find in an indoor kitchen. That includes niceties such as:

  • Refrigerators
  • Sinks with hot and cold running water
  • Icemakers
  • Plenty of cabinetry
  • Dishwashers

Some even come equipped with extra luxuries such as wine coolers and pizza ovens.


And granite countertops, though pricey, are extremely popular with outdoor kitchens. Makes sense, certainly, since granite countertops are particularly suitable for an outdoor environment, both in appearance and durability.

But in spite of the well-equipped nature of most outdoor kitchens, they also typically incorporate a trusty outdoor grill and/or barbeque. Because though it’s true that your outdoor kitchen will enable the preparation of elegant dishes such as beef bourguignon, sometimes an old-fashioned flame-broiled burger will still hit the spot!

A Fast-Growing Trend

The move to outdoor kitchens is really gaining momentum. Not so long ago, a well-equipped outdoor kitchen was quite the rarity. But that’s changing, and it’s changing fast.

According to a recent survey performed by Weber’s Grill Watch, spending on outdoor kitchens increased by more than 8% just in the past year. Spending overall on outdoor living – it’s called the “leisure lifestyle industry” – is now at about $6.2 billion yearly.

In New Homes and In Old

Renovation projects that add an outdoor kitchen to an existing home have become very popular. But outdoor kitchens no longer are simply afterthoughts.

Many new homes are also equipped with outdoor kitchens.


And that reflects another growing trend: staying home. People are going out less and staying home more. Instead of entertaining guests at a fancy restaurant, many homeowners these days are more likely to entertain guests at their fancy outdoor kitchen.

Year Round Use

You might think that outdoor kitchens would be less popular in areas with cold winters, but that’s not true. The mid- and upper-Atlantic region is among the areas where the trend toward installing outdoor kitchens is growing the fastest.

But people aren’t letting their expensive outdoor kitchens stay idle for six months of the year.

Thanks to infrared heating, an outdoor kitchen can be used even during the coldest months of winter. Infrared heating elements can be incorporated into the outdoor redesign during the installation of an outdoor kitchen. And that helps to keep the area toasty warm even during the frigid days of winter.

Outdoor Lighting Adds the Finishing Touch…

Install an outdoor kitchen, compliment it with some outdoor landscape lighting, and you’ll add a whole new dimension to your home. You’ll be able use your outdoor space as living space, but with an elegant and adventurous touch that’s impossible to match with indoor spaces.

The pets and the plants will have to move over as you stake your claim on the great out-of-doors.

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