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Cabinet Considerations for Bathroom Renovations

When we perform bathroom renovations for our customers, much of the focus of the redesign centers upon the cabinetry. Bathroom cabinets, after all, are very important places. And the goal, of course, is that they be pleasing both in form and in functionality.


So if you’ve been mulling the idea of renovating your bathroom, you’ll want to give your cabinets lots of attention. To offer you a bit of guidance, following is a rundown of the cabinet styles that are currently trending as most popular in bathroom renovations.

Trend: Fancy Furniture

As noted above, bathroom cabinets must be highly functional. They must provide the storage space needed, and there must be easy access to the interior of the cabinetry. But that doesn’t mean that your functional bathroom cabinets must also be dull and drab.

A trend that’s currently booming in popularity is to design bathroom cabinetry that reflects the look of high-end furniture. Some homeowners are even repurposing elegant pieces of furniture to serve as bathroom cabinetry. Antique dressers, for example, are sometimes repurposed as stylish and elegant bathroom vanities.

Trend: Freestanding Vanities

Freestanding vanities with below-the-sink cabinetry are also trending popular, particularly in smaller bathrooms or half-baths. Custom-built freestanding vanities built to mimic the look of antique vanities is a particularly in-demand look right now.

Trend: Medicine Cabinet Makeovers

For decades, it seems, medicine cabinets were no more than utilitarian afterthoughts. But that’s changing. In many bathroom renovations, the medicine cabinets are receiving lots of love.

In fact, today’s medicine cabinets often bear little resemblance to the medicine cabinets of old – both in form and in functionality. And modern medicine cabinets are often supersized, capable of holding far more than a few pill bottles. Modern medicine cabinets tend to be larger both in breadth and in depth. They are often equipped with electrical outlets for powering appliances.

And some modern medicine cabinets even come equipped with built-in flatscreen TVs. (Just don’t cut yourself shaving while trying to watch the game at the same time!).

Trend: Superior Storage

Great bathroom cabinetry isn’t just about the amount of storage space provided. It’s also about the organization of that space, and the usability of it. That’s why there’s a trend toward making the cabinet space of bathrooms far more functional. Smarter compartmentalization, nested pullout drawers, drawer dividers, and built-in specialized storage areas all contribute toward that trend.

Floor-mounted cabinetry is also trending slightly taller – perhaps reflective of the slight increase in average human height over recent decades.

Trend: Privacy, Please

For large bathrooms, another growing trend is the use of double vanities. Adding a ‘wall’ between the two sinks – in effect creating two semi-private vanities – has also become popular.

Cabinet Conundrum?

In truth, there are far more options available now in bathroom cabinetry than ever before. And that’s certainly a good thing; better too many choices than too few. But the overwhelming number of choices can sometimes lead to some nasty cases of indecision.

If that’s happening to you, give us a call. With all the bathroom renovations under our belts, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’ll be happy to swing by, eyeball your bathroom, and offer our thoughts and suggestions.

But one thing’s for certain: Whatever your final choices, your new bathroom will be LOTS better than your old!

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