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Is your garage floor making you sick?

Did you know that your garage floor could be making you sick?

No – I don’t mean sick as in disgusted from looking at stained, scruffy, perpetually dirty-looking floors.

I mean your garage floor could be making you or your family S-I-C-K. As in physically ill.

That’s what happened recently to a family in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Their garage floor was quite literally making them sick – one family member in particular.

The family’s garage was pretty typical. It was a mess. Dirty and disorganized. And it had a typical concrete floor, with the usual cracking that comes from age and wear.

That floor was particularly bad news for one family member, 13-year-old Tony. Tony suffers from immune deficiency diseases. And that garage floor was making him sicker. He was spending lots of time in the hospital.

Garage Floors Can Be Health Risks

Unfinished garage floors – to be quite blunt – are dirty, filthy things. It’s just because of the porous nature of concrete. The thousands upon thousands of little tiny holes in a typical floor are repositories for dirt and dust.


In fact, the typical garage floor will be loaded with anything and everything that regularly enters a garage on shoe soles or tire treads – and that includes lots of very unpleasant possibilities.

You might be surprised to learn that bare concrete floors can even harbor thriving colonies of bacteria. 

No matter how much you clean, all of that dust, dirt, bacteria, and assorted contaminants are virtually impossible to remove because of the porosity of the concrete.

All of that stuff floats in the air, breathed by everybody in the family. And a constantly-replenished supply of the stuff gets tracked into the house, where you live with it forever.

It’s a bad situation for any family. And for 13-year-old Tony, it was really bad.

A Simple Solution

There was a simple solution available to this family, and they jumped on it. They had their garage cleaned and organized. And most importantly, they had the concrete floor of their garage refinished and sealed.

Sure, dirt and contaminants can still get tracked into their garage via shoe soles and tire treads. But cleaning the floor – really cleaning it – is now as simple as spraying it down with a hose. That’s because of the water-tight, air-tight floor sealant.

And a nice fringe benefit? Their garage floor is now a thing of beauty.

Now their garage floor won’t make Tony sick anymore from all the filth that used to be trapped in it. But it’s also not going to make anyone sick to look at it, either.

A very nice fringe benefit!

P.S. The floor finishing that made such a difference to Tony’s health? In case you didn’t know, it’s the same floor finishing service we offer to TLC customers. If your floor is making you sick – as in physically ill, or sick just from looking at it – that’s a problem we can fix for you.


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