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What would you do with $50,000, a basement, and a book?

What would you do if you had:

  1. $50,000 to spend
  2. A favorite book
  3. A basement

Well, if you were a superfan of the book, you might do what this guy did: blow the entire $50,000 on a basement remodeling project that creates a theme-world honoring the book.

And then again, you might not.

But this guy thought it was a good idea. And hey – whatever floats your boat, right?

What’s the Book?

I’ll bet you’re wondering what book could motivate someone to spend $50,000 on a basement remodel. It’s actually a series of books that falls under the general title of Skyrim – if that tells you anything.

Apparently it’s about magic swords, lost kingdoms, dark lords, and, well, all that kind of stuff.

But if you look at what the guy did with his basement, it’s really kind of interesting. He made a shower that looks like a waterfall pouring from a small cave and tumbling down a rock wall, for example. He has manikins dressed in ancient armor, and armed with vintage swords.

And you might have to slide an ancient crossbow out of the way before you set your cup on the coffee table.

A Themed Basement Resonates with Peopleā€¦


If you go to the web page linked-to above, and scroll down to the comments, you’ll see that some people think the whole thing is a wacky idea. But it turns out that lots of people are onboard with the idea of a theme-oriented basement renovation.

Many people chimed in with their own version of a dream basement. A Harry Potter basement was mentioned. And a Batcave basement. A Game of Thrones basement, too. And Star Wars, of course.

P.S. Lots of people fantasize about simply having a comfy, cozy basement that can be the center of family fun. That’s a fantasy that we can make happen for you. And you won’t have to break the bank to do it. Let’s talk about it.


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