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Winter is Finally Over in Boston

Here we are smack in the middle of a sweltering-hot summer, and winter has just ended in Boston.

How could that be?


Well, the east coast had lots of snow last winter. And that included Boston. In fact, it was a record-setting winter. And like every other city, Boston had to find something to do with all of that snow that kept piling high on city streets.

So they started a snow farm.

What’s 75 Feet Tall, All White, And C-C-C-Cold?

Boston needed a place to dump all the snow cleared from city streets. They picked a spot down in South Boston. And as the snow kept falling and plows kept clearing the streets, all of that snow was dumped on the snow farm.

And that was a LOT of snow. Countless dump trucks of snow. Boston had over 110 inches of snow last winter – an all-time record for them. So they kept dumping, and dumping, and dumping. And the snow farm grew, and grew, and grew.

By the time winter was over, the snow farm was piled up 75 feet high. That’s as tall as a 7-story high-rise! (You can see photos here.)

So of course, it took some time for all of that snow to melt when winter finally ended. It took months, in fact. The last of that snow finally disappeared just recently, on July 14.

So Boston’s brutal winter has finally come to an end.

At Least They Had Fun With It

At least the citizens of Boston made the best of a bad situation. They had some fun with it.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced the Snow Melt Challenge. Bostonians could guess the date that the last of the snow would melt away. Winners will get to attend a meet-and-greet with the Mayor.

Don’t you just wonder, though, how many of them picked a date right smack in the middle of summer?

You Know Who Wasn’t Having Fun?

It may seem like good fun now, looking back on it. But you know who wasn’t having fun while it was happening? That would be all the residents of Boston who were constantly forced to shovel the snow away from around their homes.

They weren’t having fun at all! And it’s a good bet that the businesses that provide snow removal services in Boston are taking early reservations for next winter hand-over-fist.

You might think about ordering your snow removal insurance, too.

Because though we don’t know how much snow we’ll be getting this winter, it will likely be a lot – even if it’s not as much as Boston got. Order your snow removal insurance from TLC right now, and you won’t have to give it another thought.

That way you really can have fun this winter – no matter what Mother Nature throws at us!

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