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How About Using Your Remodeled Basement to Double-Up On Appliances?

We spend a lot of time discussing the many advantages offered by basement renovations. But more often than not, we’re focusing upon one of the more common uses of a remodeled basement – the ways that most of our customers use their new basements.

basement remodeling

That’s certainly understandable. After all, the most popular uses of renovated basements are popular for good reason.

But sometimes I think we get locked into a fairly narrow focus regarding basement renovations. We fall into sort of a rut, so to speak. It’s a good rut; there’s certainly nothing wrong with using your renovated basement to add bedrooms to your home, or a home gym, or a game room, or a home office, or any of the many typical uses of remodeled basements.

Remodeled Basements Offer Unlimited Possibilities

In truth, there’s really no end to the possibilities that a remodeled basement offers. After all, a remodeled basement can double the amount of living space in a single-story home.

That’s a lot of extra space. In effect, it doubles the size of a home without increasing the exterior dimensions at all. Just think of the limitless opportunities that would be presented by instantly doubling your home’s living space!

How About Doubling-Up On Appliances?

I recently read a story that reminded me of the sometimes-narrow view we often hold of the opportunities presented by basement renovations.

The family in this story was just like the typical family that decides to have their basement remodeled. They were cramped and crowded in their home. They needed more room. And that was their motivation for having their basement remodeled.

Pretty typical.

But they had a genius idea for making the most of all that extra space that their basement renovation afforded them. They doubled up on many of their appliances.

Certainly Makes Sense

This family enjoys hosting parties in their home. And they were forever dealingĀ  with problems such as running short of dishes, or running out of refrigerator or freezer space.

So they just doubled-up.

They installed a refrigerator in their remodeled basement. They added another dishwasher, too. They even installed an extra trash compactor.

Now their basement provides lots of overflow space for parties and entertaining. And their duplicate appliances make the logistics of managing those parties much easier, and far more convenient.

What Would You Do?

If you were to have your basement renovated, what would you do? How would you use all of that extra space?

You’d probably use your remodeled basement in many of the typical ways. But if you suddenly had double your living space made available to you, what else would you do with it?

Can you think of some out-of-the-box uses for your remodeled basement? I have a feeling that you can – and will!

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