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Consider a Tub Refinish or New Shower Liner for a Partial Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom renovations are wonderful projects for making a real impact on both the comfort and stylishness of a home.10841937_916830048328342_988220572147795156_o

But the term “bathroom renovation” doesn’t have to apply only to a massive, messy project that involves gutting a bathroom and rebuilding it. In fact, bathrooms can be greatly improved and updated with a relatively small investment of time, money, and effort.

Call it a mini-makeover. One great way to accomplish a mini-makeover is by focusing upon the tub or shower.

Reface, Don’t Replace

A tub refinish can offer a nice upgrade while saving lots of time, money, and headaches.

That’s because completely replacing a tub is quite a project. Removing and replacing a tub can be rather a complex operation, and can potentially cost several thousand dollars – particularly if the new tub isn’t a plug-and-play match for the old tub.

It depends upon your unique situation, of course. But the far better option might be to ‘reface’ your tub instead of replacing it. And there are two great options for refacing your bathroom tub or shower.

Refacing By Refinishing

Giving your bathroom tub a completely new face can be accomplished by the process of refinishing. It’s also sometimes called reglazing.

This process involves removing the old coating from a tub, repairing any chips or scratches by filling them in, and then spraying on a new coating. The result is a tub that looks absolutely new. And this process also offers you the opportunity for a style change in your bathroom, since the refinishing can be applied in any color you choose.

When a reputable, experienced contractor does the job, it can be expected to last for many years. And yet the cost is just a fraction of having your old tub replaced with a new tub.

Refacing By Relining

Another option for economically updating your tub or shower involves inserting a new liner. This option isn’t available for all tubs – only steel or cast-iron tubs. (If you have an acrylic tub, relining isn’t an option for you.)

In creating a new liner for your tub, measurements of your existing tub will be taken, and the new liner will be custom=built to assure a proper fit. The liner can be designed to cover both your tub and the adjoining walls, so this option is a great way to take care of some rough walls around your tub or shower.

And custom upgrades can be installed in the liner during the manufacturing process – conveniences, for example, such as built-in storage nooks and shelves. Liners, of course, also offer the option of changing your tub to any color that you desire.

If you’re considering this option, be aware that it’s best to have the liner installed by a professional. Mistakes made during the fitting or installation process can result in a poor-fitting liner. And that can ultimately cause problems such as leaks, or a ‘spongy’ feel to the liner.

A Little Bit At a Timeā€¦

A mini-makeover involving just the tub and/or shower offers a lot of bang for the buck. It’s a fabulous way to make a dramatic difference in your bathroom without spending a fortune or committing to a long, drawn-out project.

But if you have larger goals in mind for your bathroom, you could also consider a staged approach to a bathroom renovation. Your tub and/or shower upgrade could serve as the first stage of your long-term project. And then you could tackle different components of your whole-bathroom makeover as time and funds permit.

Either way – whether as the first stage of a complete makeover, or as a standalone project – a tub or shower mini-makeover offers lots of value. And not just from a dollars and cents perspective.

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