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Have you heard about the world’s largest garage sale?

When we complete garage organization projects for our customers, do you know what often happens as a result?

A garage sale.

Garage-Sale (1)

That’s not really surprising. Because once a customer’s garage has been transformed from a hideously junky mess to a clean and orderly haven, he or she wants to keep it that way.

Now, most of our customers are quite surprised at the amount of ‘stuff’ that they can store in their garages after we complete the job. That’s because of the innovative storage systems we use in our garage organization projects – the StoreWall system, for example.

But still, customers often decide during the process that they just have more stuff than they really need. Besides, garage sales can be fun. And they can bring in a bit of extra cash, of course.

So the sometimes by-product of a garage organization project is a garage sale.

That’s Why I Thought This Might Interest You…

When I learned about the world’s largest garage sale, I thought you might be interested.

It happens every year in Michigan. It’s the world’s largest garage sale, but it’s also the world’slongest garage sale, because it stretches for more than 180 miles.

In reality, the world’s largest garage sale is composed of hundreds and hundreds of individual garage sales. They’re stationed one right after another, clustered along highway U.S. 12 from New Buffalo to Detroit.
People come from all over to sell at this garage sell. And people come from all over to buy at this garage sale.

Just Like Any Other Garage Sale

Except for its massive size, the world’s largest garage sale is just like any other. You never know what kind of delightful odds-and-ends you might come across. Some people come to just browse and see what strikes their fancy. Others come with a mission-specific goal.

At last year’s sale, for example, one couple came in search of an old-fashioned ice cream scoop, one with a wooden handle. They found one, of course. Got it for 5 bucks. (And they didn’t have to drive the entire 180-mile length to find it!)

Some of the sellers are professionals; they’re in business, and the sales they make during the world’s largest garage sale accounts for a significant portion of their yearly income.

But many of the sellers are people just like our customers: homeowners who finally decided to clean-out and clean-up.

P.S. As always, we’re ready to assist whenever you decide the time has come to get your garage in order. If you’re ready to clean-out and clean-up, just get in touch.

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