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Bet you’ve never seen a basement renovation like this…

More than 13,000 square feet. Three bathrooms. A family room. A massage room. A wine cellar. A six-car garage.

Sounds like an impressive house, doesn’t it? Except it’s not a house. It’s a basement.


In fact, that’s not even a particularly unusual basement in the vicinity of Woodside, California, where basement renovations are going big-time.

Luxury Basement Renovations

According to this news story, basement renovations are absolutely booming in the San Francisco Bay area. That’s partly because of local zoning restrictions that limit the amount of aboveground livable space on a lot.

But it’s also because of the sheer utility that a basement offers a home. Because whether laws or budgets inhibit adding livable space aboveground, if you have a basement, it offers lots of space for extending living areas.

And at a much more budget-friendly price than trying to extend aboveground living area.

Any Basement Renovation Is A Luxury

It’s entertaining to read about those high-roller basement renovations taking place out in California. After all, a 13,000 square-foot basement with three bathrooms and a six-car garage certainly grabs your attention.


But in truth, even the most humble of basement renovations provides a taste of luxury to the lucky family living in the home. That’s because even a relatively simple and modest basement makeover adds a whole new dimension to your family’s home life.

As the old saying goes, you get a lot of bang for your buck from a basement renovation. That’s part of why we love doing them. It’s fun to provide customers with a service that returns so much value for the dollars invested.

Makes us look like heroes in the eyes of our customers! (But aw shucks…we’re just doing our job!)

P.S. Don’t have room for a six-car garage in your basement? Don’t need three bathrooms down there? That’s OK. While your home may not be a mansion, renovating your humble basement can make it seem like one.

That’s the value that a renovated basement can add to family life – even if your family is just a normal one, like mine, and not jet-setting billionaires! 

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