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You Can Get Your Home Remodeling Inspiration from TV. But Get Your Estimate from Us.

There’s been a boom in recent years in TV shows about home remodeling. These shows tend to vary considerably in format. But one thing that nearly all of these shows have in common? Homeowners tend to find them very inspirational.

And that’s a good thing. Mostly.


But a gradual but undeniable trend has arisen from these popular shows. It has led to a proliferation of unreasonable expectations among many homeowners.

Not As Easy As It Looks

That’s partly because of the ‘magic’ of TV. In one moment you’re looking at ‘before’ views of the project. The homeowner is telling you of their trials and travails, counting off the many ways in which the remodeling project is going to make their life oh-so-much better.

And then following a commercial break, we see the project in progress. Maybe a wall has been taken down. Maybe an old tub or shower stall has been removed. Perhaps some old, moldy siding has been stripped from a basement wall. Whatever the type of project, the progress is fast and furious. After all, there’s only a few moments to go before it’s time for the next commercial break!

And then once we’re back from that break, we see the finished project in all its glory. We see the homeowner’s family living in happily-ever-after land. In less than 30 minutes, we’ve seen the project go from conception to completion.

Wasn’t that easy?

Real Life Is a Bit Different

Home improvement shows really do provide a great service. They show the possibilities that home remodeling projects can offer.

And though the projects may appear to be deceptively simple, the depicted benefits of these projects are not lies. A home remodeling project really can contribute to living life more happily ever after.

But it’s not all quite as easy as it appears through the magic of TV. In fact, there’s no such thing as a home remodeling project that’s not a lot of hard work. It’s worthwhile work. And it’s work that’s worth the effort. But it is W-O-R-K.

So if you’ve been inspired by a home improvement show to consider your own remodeling project, that’s great news. Whether you’re considering a bathroom remodel, a basement renovation, or any other type of project, it offers great potential for improving your family’s life.

But don’t let that 30-minute TV show give you a false impression about the ease of the project. Talk to a real professional. Get a real-world perspective about the project you’re considering before pulling the trigger. It’s the best way to make sure that you really end up in happily-ever-after land – and not the opposite.

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