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When is a Home Like an Iceberg?

You probably know that one of the services we offer at TLC Inc. is basement renovations.

It’s a very popular service. Because quite frequently, renovating a basement transforms it from a dull and neglected portion of a home into the favorite part of the home.

And renovating a basement adds a huge chunk of livable space to the average home – in some cases nearly doubling the available living area.

But finished basements offer so many advantages that they are growing in popularity. Lots of very upscale homes these days offer very impressive basements.

Finished basements, in fact, have become so popular that many homeowners are expanding their basements. Instead of just renovating an existing basement, they dig deeper. In many cases, basements have been expanded to add several stories downward.

And that has led to the coining of a new term: Iceberg homes. These are homes where much of the structure lies beneath the ground, where you can’t see it – just as the bulk of an iceberg lies hidden beneath the surface of the ocean.

Iceberg Homes Becoming a Titanic Issue in London

The expansion of finished basements has become so popular that in some cities it has become a bit of an issue. How much should homeowners be permitted to expand their basements? How deep should they be able to go?


In London, for example, basement expansions that plunge three stories beneath the surface are not uncommon. Some go even deeper. Many are quite extravagant, incorporating underground niceties such as swimming pools and bowling alleys

The depth of the more extreme basement expansions has raised some concerns about possible flooding and structural issues. And there have been complaints from neighboring residents about the noise involved with such massive excavation projects.

We Don’t Build Icebergs…

It’s an interesting development, those iceberg homes. But it’s not what we do at TLC. We focus on converting your existing basement into a warm, cozy and livable area. That’s enough to add great value to your home, and to greatly enrich your family’s home life.

But even so, your home might have something in common with those iceberg homes after we renovate your basement. You might find that the very best part of your home, your favorite part, will lie hidden beneath the surface of the soil.

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