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Excuse Me…Would You Mind if I Take a Quick Peak in Your Garage?

Got a moment? Let’s you and I take a virtual stroll into your garage. Are you game?

Now – before you answer that question – here’s why I’m asking: As you probably know, professional garage cleanup and organization is one of the services we offer here at TLC Inc. And I’d just like the opportunity to cast a professional eye over your garage.


No, I’m not trying to sell you on our garage cleanup services. In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d just like to offer you a few tips for getting your garage in shape.

If you’re a do-it-yourself type, you can act upon the tips I’ll offer on your own. And certainly, if you’d like us to help, we’ll be glad to do so. But the tips I’ll offer will be yours to do with as you please. You can even ignore them completely and just stick to the status quo with your garage if you wish.

So what do you say? Would you allow me to pay a quick virtual visit to your garage?

Yes? Excellent!

Just lead the way. I’ll follow along virtually (hope that doesn’t sound too creepy!).

OK, through the door, into the garage, and…oh my…

Well, before I say anything else, let me say this: you have a really nice garage. I mean that sincerely. Lots of potential here.

But right now, you’re doing what many people do; you’re using your garage as a catchall storage area. There’s nothing at all wrong with that – all that stuff has to go somewhere, right? The problem, of course, is that with all the clutter scattered around in here, you can’t use your garage for much of anything else.

100_0767 2

With everything that you’ve got stored in here, what would you guess your available remaining floor space to be? Maybe 30, 40 percent? Yep, I’d say that’s a good guess.

What would you say if I told you we could increase that available floor space to around 90 percent? And without throwing away or moving out anything that you’re currently storing here.

You look skeptical. I don’t blame you. But I’ve been doing garage cleanups for a long, long time. And if there’s one overall truth I’ve learned about the process of reclaiming a garage, it’s this: It’s not what you store; it’s not how much you store. It’s how you store.

Thanks for inviting me in; you have a beautiful place. Can’t wait to see it after you’ve reorganized your garage storage!

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