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Use Landscape Lighting to Fight Post-Holiday Blues

Are you susceptible to coming down with a bad case of the blahs after the holiday season has ended? If so, you’re not alone. It happens to millions of people every year.

After all, for many of us, the holidays represent a break from the sometimes-harsh realities of life. And when the holidays come to an end, there are those “realities” again, staring us right in the face.


Hope Sometimes Fades Fast

Part of the holiday euphoria revolves around the New Year holiday. An old year with all of its trials, tribulations, and failure, is washed away. And in its place we have a sparkling new year, full of hope, promise, and opportunity.

But for most of us, it doesn’t take long for reality to re-assert itself. A few weeks into it, the new year may begin to look very much like the old – same as it ever was.

That’s enough to give lots of people a bad case of the blues!

Where Have All the Pretty Lights Gone?

Parties. Food. Festivities. It all comes to a sudden and screeching halt when the calendar flips to a new year.

It’s an abrupt change. And it contributes to the post-holiday blues. That’s not surprising, since the holiday festivities and food lasts for 2+ months – plenty of time for us to become accustomed to it all. So it’s quite a letdown when it all comes to an end.

And there’s another cheery aspect to the holidays that goes away in the first weeks of the new year: all of the spectacular holiday lights.

Christmas lights start going up before Thanksgiving. So for months we become accustomed to seeing those sparkly, glittering reminders that it’s a special time of year. Until it suddenly it isn’t a special time of year.

Just like the sudden loss of the fun and festivities, the return of homes, landscapes, and city streets to the humdrum everyday appearance doesn’t help with the holiday blues. It adds fuel to the fire.

Shine Some Light On the Problem

How can you fight the post-holiday blues? Here’s one suggestion: shine some light on the problem. As the Christmas lights fade away, use landscape lighting to fill the void.

Why not?

After all, today’s technologically advanced landscape lighting systems can offer a cheery outdoor lighting display too. Maybe not quite as colorful or spectacular as Christmas lights, but certainly bright enough to lift the spirits.

So if you’re feeling the post-holiday blues, let your landscape lighting system help you through this blahsy time of the year.

And if you don’t have landscape lighting yet? Well, it’s not too late to give yourself one last Christmas gift!

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