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4 Off-The-Track Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

Is there any room in any home that’s more likely to be boring than the bathroom?

Probably not.

That’s partly because bathrooms have very specific roles to fill. You use a bathroom for very specific purposes. And you can get done what you need to do in your bathroom with just functional fixtures and designs.


But if you’re thinking about doing some renovation work in your bathroom in the future, that’ll be a great opportunity to change things up a bit. You don’t have to redo your bathroom with just nicer, more modern versions of everything that’s currently in your bathroom.

Instead, you can depart from the normal and conventional with some revolutionary new technology, or some radical new – or retro – designs and styles.

Here are a few ideas:

#1: Signature Sinks

Before the advent of indoor plumbing, an indoor sink was usually just a big basin perched upon a countertop. Did you know that look is coming back in style? It’s true, except now the big basin is a fully functional sink.

Above-cabinet sinks are rapidly growing in popularity. And they offer a very practical benefit beyond just the unique look – especially for people with bad backs. Because these throwback sinks are situated on top of countertops instead of in them, they’re mounted much higher than conventional sinks. That means that far less bending is required to use them – to the relieve of many an aching back!

#2: Transitional Toilets

Big tank, plastic seat, and tank-mounted flush lever. That’s been the traditional toilet design in this country for many a decade. But that’s changing. Wall-mounted toilets are now becoming quite popular, with Europe leading the way in the toilet revolution.

Wall-mounted toilets either hide the tank in the wall, or do away with it entirely by assisting the flush with a pump. Eliminating the toilet tank from your bathroom will free up lots of space. It also offers you lots of flexibility in choosing seating height. Even bathroom cleaning is easier with wall-mounted toilets since they don’t touch the floor, leaving the floor open beneath.

And as a fringe benefit, most wall-mounted toilets are considerably more water-efficient than traditional toilets.

#3: Banish Basic Baths

The traditional, boring bathtub. Isn’t it time for that to change? That’s exactly what’s happening in many bathroom renovations. One popular option is to supersize the tub into something much more roomy and spacious (check out a Japanese-style Ofuro, for example, designed for deep, hot soaking).

Another popular departure from the same-old same-old is sliding wall tubs (check out the Kohler Elevance).

#4: Cushy Comforts

Another booming trend is to add lots of cushy, creature comforts to a newly renovated bathroom. Popular options include:

  • Heated towel racks
  • Steam showers
  • Heated floors
  • Heated toilet seats
  • Task lighting
  • Entertainment centers

A Blending of Necessity and Luxury

Bathrooms have very specific roles to fill. But that doesn’t mean that they must be entirely utilitarian in design or furnishing.

After all, each of us spends a considerable portion of our lives in that little room – and on a daily basis. Doesn’t it just make sense to assure that your bathroom is as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as it is functional?

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