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Top 4 Ways Homeowners Can Help the Environment

Every homeowner wants to save money. And most homeowners would like to do what they can to help the environment, too. Happily, modern technology has made both goals easier to achieve than ever before. And in most cases, making strides towards one of those goals will also equate to making progress towards the other.


In fact, there are many ways that technological progress has empowered homeowners to reduce their environmental footprint and save money. Here are four of the best ways to do both.

Smart Climate Control

For the average homeowner, maintaining a comfortable climate within the home represents the single largest monthly operational expense. Climate control is also the single largest consumer of energy for most homeowners. So any increase in climate control efficiency can offer both big money savings and a nice boost to the environment.

Fortunately, smart technology has made it possible to be more efficient than ever before in heating or cooling your home. Many devices are currently available that enable controlling the interior environment of your home with pinpoint, precision accuracy.

These devices can help reduce energy usage. But they can also make managing your home’s climate easier than ever before.

Smart Lighting Control

No more shouting at the kids to turn the light off when they leave the room! Smart lighting controllers can take care of that for you. Smart lighting controllers can learn your schedule, and make sure that lights are on when you need them, and NOT on when you don’t need them. It’s a way to reduce energy costs and add a layer of convenience to your life.

Modern technology makes big energy savings possible by combining smart lighting controllers with LED bulbs – particularly in outdoor lighting systems.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Did you know that real-time monitoring of your home’s energy usage is now possible? It’s true. Smart energy monitoring utilizes a dashboard display to see how, where, and how much energy is being consumed in your home. You can use this information to modify habits or schedules to be as energy efficient as possible.

In the old days, “energy monitoring” meant simply scanning your utility bill each month, and wondering how in the heck you used all that energy. With smart energy monitoring, you’ll know exactly where that energy goes. And that information is vital in reducing the amount of energy you waste each month.

Smart Landscape Irrigation

In many parts of the country, conserving water is a critical environmental issue. In some locales, there simply isn’t enough water to go around.

And no matter where you live, wasting water just doesn’t make sense. Wasting water results in a negative impact to the environment AND a negative impact to your bank account.

That’s why many homeowners are installing ultra-efficient smart irrigation controllers to manage their landscape irrigation systems. Today’s smart irrigation controllers – TLC’s Hydrawise is a great example – can slash water usage by as much as 50%.


And as a bonus, smart irrigation controllers can result in a healthier landscape by consistently providing plants with exactly the amount of water they need at any given time, no more and no less.

It’s Simply About Being Smart…

Each of the energy-saving, environment-protecting resources listed above share one commonality: they all rely upon some form of cutting-edge smart technology. That’s because we’re living in a time of astounding technological advancements for homeowners.

Taking advantage of modern technology to both save money and ease our impact upon the environment is simply smart. To do otherwise is simply, well, the opposite of smart.

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