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Remodeling Tips for Smaller Bathrooms

Not all bathrooms are big and spacious. Some are small and cozy. But when they become old, outdated, and faded, small bathrooms deserve some renovation love just as much as larger bathrooms.


When the time for a renovation comes, there are some things you can do to make that small bathroom feel a bit more spacious. Here are a few tips for doing just that:

  • Sink Squeeze: Why not squeeze the sink into a corner of the bathroom? Pedestal sink designs are available that will fit nicely into a corner. That will save a lot of space, and make the room seem much more spacious compared to room with a sink mounted in the middle of a wall. Just be sure to place the sink in a corner where it won’t interfere with anything else, such as the shower door.
  • Curvy Curtain: A shower curtain is usually a better option than a swinging shower door for a small bathroom. But you can make your shower seem roomier by using a shower curtain rod that bows outward slightly. That way you’ll have fewer clingy encounters with a clammy shower curtain as you maneuver in your small shower space.
  • Curvy Corners: Small and tight bathrooms are not great places for sharp, square corners. Wherever possible, choose fixtures (vanities and cabinets, for example) that are designed with rounded corners instead of sharp square corners.
  • Maximized Mirror: Mount a mirror that extends across the entire wall, rather than just directly in front of the small vanity. That will reduce the twisting and turning required to see all you need to see in a small mirror. It will also make it easier for two people at once to do their primping.
  • Special Sink: A wall-mounted trough sink will provides lots of sink space while also decluttering floor space. And yes, stylish designs are available in trough sinks.
  • Double Duty: Choose a vanity design that incorporates a storage shelf beneath. It’s a great way to increase storage capacity while maximizing the use of space. You can do more of the same by also adding a narrow shelf above the toilet tank.
  • Color Contribution: Choosing the right colors can contribute to making the room seem brighter and more spacious. Light colors, particularly white, almond, and off-white, are generally the best colors for helping a small space seem bigger and brighter.

A Remodeled Bathroom Bonus

In the end, a bathroom remodeling project will pay some great dividends in making life a bit better for your family. That applies to bathrooms of all sizes. But if you can make that small bathroom feel more like a larger bathroom as a result of the renovation? That’s a very nice bonus!

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