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The Story of a REALLY Smart Homeowner

A few years ago, Simon Maddocks installed a smart controller in his home’s outdoor sprinkler system.

Maddocks is a vice chancellor at Charles Darwin University. So you’d expect him to be a pretty smart guy. And, as it turned out, installing that smart sprinkler controller was a very smart move.

Just like any other homeowner, Maddocks wanted all the benefits that smart controllers like TLC’s Hydrawise and K-Rain controllers provide, including:

  • Touchscreen and Remote Control
  • System Alerts
  • Water Savings
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Easy Retrofit

But when Maddocks decided to install his smart controller, he likely didn’t realize just how smart of a decision he was making.

A Helpless Feeling

Maddocks was recently away from home on a trip. While he was gone, a series of bushfires were sparked in the vicinity of his home. He was alerted to the situation, and learned that the approaching fires threatened his home.

His home security system provides the ability to remotely access the surveillance video feeds from the system. So he decided that he’d better log-on to his system to see what he could see.

What he saw horrified him: a wall of flame racing toward his home.

He had a wheat farm – more than 100 acres. Unfortunately, it had already been destroyed. And it looked like his house would be next. But he was hundreds of miles away.

What could he do?

A Smart Save

As it happened, there was something he could do. Something very smart. He could turn on his smart sprinkler system, using its remote-control capability.

So he did.

He triggered-on his smart sprinkler system, and let it run as the fire approached his home. And that move saved his home.

He lost his wheat crop, and some of the landscaping surrounding his home. But the sprinkler system saved his house. It also provided a sanctuary for some of his animals, saving them too.

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? It certainly is – IF you’ve been smart enough to install it!

Doesn’t Take Much to Go from Dumb to Smart

All it takes to convert a dumb sprinkler system into a smart system is a Hydrawise or K-Rain controller. And a phone call to TLC to get your upgrade scheduled.

You might never need your lawn sprinkler system to save your house (hopefully!). But it can still save you lots of money and water, AND make your landscape healthier by providing exactly the right amount of water.

But only if you’re smart enough to upgrade from your old, dumb sprinkler system!

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