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How Things Have Changed in the Landscape Lighting Industry

I read a press release awhile back that really got me to thinking.

The release was from a company called VOLT Lighting. They manufacture lights for the outdoor lighting industry. In fact, the company is the leading factory-direct manufacturer of landscape lights.

This press release announced the achievement of a significant milestone: Last year the company released more than 100 new lighting products. That truly is a significant accomplishment, considering all that’s involved in bringing a new product to market.

As the CEO explains in the press release, “It’s not just product development; it includes manufacturing, logistics, marketing, ecommerce, customer service, and shipping. Each process requires skill, intelligence, and a streamlined system.”

What’s So Interesting About That?

Why did I find that news item to be of such interest? Because it got me to thinking about how far the landscape lighting industry has come in just a short time.

Not so long ago, there really wasn’t a huge array of products to choose from in designing a landscape lighting system. There were plenty of products available to design an adequate system for any home, of course.

But it’s different now.

Now, there are so many products available that the possibilities in landscape lighting design are limited only by the imagination and creativity of the designer. (And TLC’s track record proves we’ve got plenty of both!)

This news release just emphasizes that point. One hundred new products, from just one company, in just one year!

And the Technology!

It’s not just about the variety of landscape lighting products that are available these days. It’s also about the technological advancements.

Landscape lighting designers now have products available to them that offer unprecedented technological capabilities – advancements that would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction only a few short years ago.

And all of these changes have coincided with a big boom in the outdoor lighting market.

A HUGE Growth Industry…

I’m not sure whether the soaring demand for outdoor lighting has fueled the product variety that’s now available. Or if technological advancements coupled with all the new products are largely driving the demand.

Or – and this is my guess – the benefits of landscape lighting (home security and safety; aesthetic beauty; increased home value; etc.) have just become more widely known.

Maybe all of the above reasons have combined to form a perfect storm of industry growth.

But for whatever the reason(s), the outdoor lighting industry IS in the midst of a huge growth boom. Forecasts are that the market will grow significantly during just the next few years.

And one company producing 100 new landscape lighting products in a single year is a pretty good indication that the boom is indeed underway!

Not Your Father’s Landscape Lighting

One other note…

If you think of landscape lighting as just a few plain-Jane lights scattered about casting a harsh, monotone glare across a landscape, think again. The many new products and technological capabilities available make landscape lighting a whole new ballgame.

That’s why our lighting experts are happy to custom-design a modern system that’s perfect just for your landscape. Get in touch, and let’s discuss the possibilities.

Request a FREE lighting demo at your home by calling TLC at 410-721-2342 or by emailing [email protected]!

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