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The Smartest Home Products on the Market

Did you know that 2015 was sort of a banner year for ‘smartness?’

That’s because there was an unprecedented wave of new (or radically improved) smart products for homeowners. Consumer Affairs published an article that listed some of those products — products that helped lay the foundation for a really smart future.

Just a few of the products that made the list of the top smart-home products include:

  • Smart Smoke Alarms: Smoke alarms are a lot smarter — and far more capable — than they used to be. Smart smoke alarms can be controlled from your phone and can monitor and alert for both smoke and carbon monoxide.
  • Smart Thermostats: Thanks to smart thermostats you can now have greater comfort and increased efficiency from your heating and cooling system. The most advanced smart thermostats can even learn your preferences and daily schedule and automatically adjust heating and cooling accordingly.
  • Smart Fans: Yep, even ceiling fans are getting smart. Smart ceiling fans can automatically come on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave. They can even simulate the sensation of a natural breeze whooshing through your home.

Near the Top of The List…

In all, the list of that year’s best smart-products for homeowners contained seven products, included those listed above. And one of those top products is already used by a number of TLC Lawn Sprinkler customers: Smart sprinkler controllers.

Smart WiFi sprinkler controllers like TLC’s Hydrawise and K-Rain offer many water-saving, convenience-enhancing features, such as:

  • Touchscreen Control: Control with an easy-to-use touchscreen, just like your smartphone or an iPad
  • System Alerts: Hydrawise and K-Rain detect problems with your system and reports to you immediately
  • Water Savings: Smart controllers can save you lots of water — an average of 50% compared to fixed-schedule controllers
  • Comprehensive Reports: Your watering records for the last day, week, or month. Forecasts for temperature, precipitation, and wind gusts. These reports and many more are available
  • Easy Retrofit: We can easily retrofit Hydrawise or K-Rain to your existing system; no rip-and-replace overhauls are necessary

A New World

Though 2015 was a landmark year for smart products, we’re still in the middle of a technological revolution. So many products are now available to make our homes more comfortable, more efficient, and easier to manage than ever before.

Many of these products would have seemed like science fiction only a few years ago — like a sprinkler controller that monitors current weather and weather forecasts to decide when, and how much, to water.

And now doing things the old-fashioned way — like dragging around sprinklers and trying to control a system manually — seems more like a horror story!

Want to have your own smart sprinkler system? We can make that quickly happen for you — and for less than you might think. Call TLC today at 410-721-2342 to set up a FREE estimate!

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