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The Best Place for Home Wine Cellars? Under Your Feet!

We’ve done countless basement renovations at TLC Inc. Performing a basement renovation is hard work – no getting around that. But it’s fun work, too. And part of the fun is just observing all of the wonderful uses families come up with for their new basements.

basement remodeling

We’ve discussed the many benefits of basement renovations lots of times in this blog. And we’ve talked about the more common uses of remodeled basements many times, things like:

  • Family rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Home offices
  • Home gyms
  • Home theaters

But there’s one potential use for renovated basements that we don’t see all that often: wine cellars. And that’s a shame, because a remodeled basement is a perfect place for a home wine cellar.

A Basement is the ONLY Place for a Passive Wine Cellar

If you’re going to the expense and trouble of having a refrigerated, climate-controlled wine cellar, you can put it anywhere. But that’s a LOT of expense. And trouble.

An easier, more economical option is to build a passive wine cellar. And the only place to put a passive wine cellar is in the basement.

Passive wine cellars do not maintain the wine storage area at a set temperature, as would a climate-controlled wine cellar. Instead, passive wine cellars permit a daily fluctuation of temperature. But when located in the basement, that daily temperature fluctuation is mild – no big swings from hot to cold, or vice-versa.

And the natural mean temperature in a basement is lower, on average, than anywhere else in the house. That’s important, because the lower the storage temperature for wine, the slower it ages.

Temperature Stability is Also Important

Basements offer great temperature stability. That’s because of the natural insulation provided by the earth that surrounds the typical basement. And that’s an important advantage that basements offer for wine storage.

Because stored wine will breathe through the cork when the temperature fluctuates more than 14 degrees. And when that happens, the aging process is significantly accelerated.

A passive basement wine cellar will provide an environment that minimizes daily temperature swings and helps to control the aging process of the wine.

There’ll Be Plenty of Room Left…

Even for the most avid of wine aficionados, a home wine cellar isn’t likely to take up a great deal of basement space. So when you decide to have TLC renovate your basement, you can still enjoy all of the typical benefits and uses of a renovated basement.

basement remodeling 2

If you’re interested in having your own home wine cellar, let us know. We’ll be happy to come by, take a look at your basement, and make some preliminary plans for incorporating a wine cellar in your basement renovation.

Just think: with one single project – a basement renovation – you could have a home wine cellar, a home theater, a home gym, a family room, …

Well, the list just goes on and on!

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