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Take a Break From Dog Days Humidity By Planning for Winter 2015

Right now we’re slogging through the humid, sticky dog days of summer. Want to take a mental break from that summertime slog? Why not do a little long-range planning?

Man clearing path to his house of snow with shovel after heavy s

After all – though it seems hard to believe in this brain-baking heat – winter will be here soon. And instead of trying to beat the heat, you’ll soon be trying to blow the snow – or shoveling it, or whatever you do to get rid of the stuff. Each season comes with its unique gifts, and with its unique pains. For most people, snow removal chores land solidly in the pain classification.

But right now, during these sweltering dog days of summer, you can do a little planning ahead, and arrange to escape all that snow removal pain that’s just around the corner. Just give us a call and ask about our TLC Inc. snow removal insurance.

Looks Like There’s LOTS of That Pain On the Way…

Nobody can predict with certainty the whims of Mother Nature months down the road. But they can make some very educated guesses. And for people that consider snow removal a pain, those educated guesses are not looking promising.

The Farmer’s Almanac, for example. Believe what you will about the Almanac’s ability to predict the weather long-term, but the fact is that they have a history of 80% accuracy. Pretty impressive for long-term forecasting. And their prediction for this winter isn’t pretty.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, your snow removal pains are likely to be more severe than normal this year: “Winter will be colder and slightly wetter than normal, with above-normal snowfall…The snowiest periods will be in mid- and late December, mid-January, and early- to mid-February.”

Early computer models of predicted upper-atmosphere activity agree. “December could get kind of wild due to the very active southern jet stream that is going to provide the moisture for bigger snowstorms.” That’s according to Paul Pastelok, the lead forecaster at State College, PA, as quoted in the The Buffalo News.

Plan Ahead, and Buy Your Pain Away…

As the old saying goes, it always pays to plan ahead. And right now – in the midst of summer’s dog days – is a great time to plan for this winter’s snow removal chores. The best way to do that is to buy a snow removal insurance policy from TLC. That’ll shift the snow removal chores from your shoulders to ours.

And the really great thing about TLC’s snow removal insurance is that no matter how much it snows this winter, we’ll handle it for you at no extra charge. So if the experts are right and we do have higher-than-average snowfall this winter, it won’t cost you a penny extra.

When you wake one frosty winter’s morning a few months from now, and sip coffee in your PJs while you watch TLC’s crew hard at work clearing your driveway and walkways, you’ll probably think back to these dog days. And you’ll be very glad that you took a mental break from the heat, and did a little long-range wintertime planning.

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