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Snow Removal Insurance: Best Money You Ever Spent?

Quite possibly!

Imagine this scenario (won’t take much imagination because you’ve lived it countless times!): It’s snowing – heavily. Been snowing for hours. It’s a gloriously beautiful sight, the sparkling crystalline flakes transforming the outdoors into an enchanting winter wonderland.


But as you stand at the kitchen window, coffee cup in hand watching the snow come down, you’re feeling anything but ‘enchanted.’ Truth be told, as you stand at the window watching all that snowfall, what you’re feeling is closer to revulsion. Because you’re not particularly enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature’s spectacular show.

Instead, you’re thinking about your impending date with a snow shovel, or with a snow blower. You’re thinking about having to bundle up, trudge out into the frigid air – cold wind snatching your breath away – and putting in lots of hard labor clearing your drive and walkways of all that ‘enchanting’ snow.

And you’re hoping that you don’t become one of the statistics: one of the thousands every year that suffer a traumatic injury from the physical strain of snow removal – heart attacks and chronic back problems included. Those are the things you’re thinking about as you stand at the window surveying all of that wintry beauty.

Finally, you heave a sullen sigh, put down your coffee cup, reluctantly walk to the closet, throw on your coat, cap and gloves, and wearily shuffle into the chilly garage. You grab your snow shovel – it’s right where you left it after that last snow-clearing ordeal (only 4 days ago!) – and head for the door. You open the door, and as that first icy blast of arctic air slaps you in the face, you’re thinking: “winter wonderland, my a##!”

Let’s Rewind…

You’re back in front of your kitchen window, steaming-hot cup of coffee in hand. And the snow is coming down again, fast and heavy. And yes, it truly is an enchantingly beautiful sight.

But this time, you’re enjoying it. Mother Nature’s show is – or should be, at least – one of the random gifts of beauty to be savored in life. And indeed, you are savoring the moment, drinking in the splendor of nature’s winter garb. In fact, you decide to top off your cup and pull a chair up to the window, just lounging in your PJs and fuzzy slippers as you enjoy the view.

Why the different attitude this time?

It’s quite simple: you’re insured. All that impending snow removal labor? Not your problem. That’s because you’re the happy owner of a winter-long snow removal insurance policy from TLC Inc.

Image 5

Anytime there’s a snowfall of 2 inches or more, TLC’s professional snow-removal team will have your driveway and walkways cleared within 12 hours. You don’t even have to get out of the house to move the cars in your driveway; TLC’s team will use snow shovels to clear the snow around any parked vehicles. You don’t have to do anything but relax and enjoy. After all, it really is a winter wonderland!

Yes, there was a heavy snowfall only 4 days ago. And Bob’s crew showed up right on schedule to clear the snow. They’ll be here again today to clear this snowfall. But it doesn’t matter; it won’t cost you a penny more. In fact, it doesn’t really matter how many heavy snowfalls there might happen to be this winter. Because you’re insured.

Two Scenarios; One Choice

The two scenarios portrayed above? You’re going to live one of them over and over again this winter. And you get to choose.

Bit of a no brainer decision, wouldn’t you say?

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