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Don’t You DARE Replace Another Bulb in Your Landscape Lighting!


Well at Least … Until you’ve read this…

Sorry for the dramatics. But if you have a landscape lighting system, I believe you’ll be glad you read this article before replacing any burnt-out bulbs in your system.

Because there’s a new option you should know about, one that will save you a substantial amount of money over the years. It’ll save you some headaches and annoyances, too. And it’s even good for the environment – for those of us who care about such things (and I think most of us do, at least a little).

 It’s a new LED light bulb designed and developed by Vista Landscape Lighting.

 Are you familiar with LED bulbs?

LED lighting is a new kind of technology that renders incandescent bulbs – the bulbs we’ve been using for decades – archaic and old-fashioned. And while the up-front costs of LEDs are more than incandescents, that extra cost is an investment that will be repaid many times over in the life of the bulb.

 Some of the benefits offered by LED technology include:


  • Superior Lifespan. LED bulbs last many times longer than incandescent bulbs. Over time, you can very reasonably expect a single LED bulb to last the lifetimes of 7 or more incandescent bulbs.
  • Energy Savings. LED bulbs are far more energy efficient. By replacing the incandescent bulbs in your system with LEDs, you can expect to slash your energy costs by about 75%. Put another way, Vista calculates that on average you’ll save roughly $6 – $12 per year, per bulb (depending upon the size of the bulb). Multiply that amount by the number of bulbs in your system and the yearly savings can be quite significant. You’ll be going green and saving green!
  • LED Bulbs are Cool. I don’t mean gee-whiz cool (Though they are that, too!). They are cool to the touch. You could very comfortably hold an LED bulb in your hand that’s been lit for hours. Don’t try that with an incandescent! That’s important for outdoor lighting, because there are concerns about pets and wildlife being burned by bulbs. And it’s even possible for plant foliage to be damaged by close proximity to hot-burning incandescent bulbs.
  • LED Bulbs are Tough. Incandescent bulbs are fragile things. Hair-thin filaments in a vacuum-glass bubble. Obviously not great for an outdoor environment. But LEDs are completely different technology. No wispy filaments, no fragile glass bubbles. They can really take a beating without missing a lick. And that makes them particularly well-suited for outdoor use.


A Special-Use LED Bulb…

LED bulbs are unquestionably superior in every way to old-fashioned incandescents. Even the light they emit is purer and brighter than that of incandescents.

Vista’s new LED landscape replacement bulbs offer all the great benefits of LED technology. But they’re also purpose-built for use specifically in landscape lighting installations.

At the time of manufacture, the bulbs are sealed in a thermo-composite body that isolates critical electrical components from the ravages of Mother Nature. The one-piece molded construction also eliminates all the fasteners – screws, glue and such – that are potential points of failure for most bulb assemblies. And the composite material is resistant to the corrosion that eventually attacks bulbs of traditional metal construction.

Unlike many of the LED bulbs that are on the market, these are manufactured entirely in the USA. It’s rare and refreshing to be able to say that of a product!

And the best part is that these bulbs can be retrofitted to existing systems. You don’t have to install an entirely new landscape lighting system to reap the rewards of modern LED lighting. You can simply replace your old incandescent lights one at a time as they burn out.

(I’d give strong consideration, though, to replacing all your old bulbs NOW, even before they burn out. Because of the energy-savings and other benefits offered by LEDs, it’s probably false economy to delay replacing your old bulbs – burnt-out or not.)

I’m Here to Help!

If you want more info about Vista’s new LED bulbs, or if you’re ready to pull the trigger on replacing your old bulbs, let me know.

There’s a range of different models and sizes, and I’ll make sure you get the proper replacement for each of your old incandescent bulbs. I’d be glad to install the replacements too, if you’d like.

I expect that the incandescent bulbs will eventually go the way of the Model T Ford and the Victrola Phonograph – relegated to obsolescence and obscurity by new and superior technology. So it’s likely that eventually everyone will be enjoying the benefits of LED technology simply because it’s the dominant technology.

But why wait?

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