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An Often Overlooked Advantage of Landscape Lighting

We talk frequently of the many benefits offered by landscape lighting: the safety and security benefits, the financial benefits, and the aesthetic benefits. But there’s another rather obscure benefit that hasn’t received much attention, and that is the potential to reduce homeowners insurance costs.

The reason that your insurance company may be willing to reduce your premiums after you install landscape lighting is obvious: your lighting system makes your home less of a liability because of increased security. Your home is less likely to become the target of thieves, burglars and vandals.


You’ll have to check with your insurance company to find out whether they offer a discount. But most insurance companies recognize the increased security benefits offered by exterior lighting. And offering homeowners discounts for installing exterior lighting is pretty common across the industry – especially when the lighting is part of a comprehensive home security system.

We did a quick web search, and here are just a few of the many companies that do offer discounts for improving home security (quotes are taken directly from company websites):

Travelers Insurance: “Most insurance companies provide 2 percent to 15 percent discounts for devices that make a home safer…”

National General Insurance: “Reduce your home insurance premiums significantly with exterior lighting, smoke alarms, security systems, deadbolts and other means.”

State Farm Insurance: “More lighting around your home reduces the chances of a break-in. Well-placed lights and motion-sensor lights eliminate possible hiding spots and can deter potential thieves.”

Hupe Insurance Services: “Prevent losses from break-ins with home security systems, such as special lighting and burglar alarms. Insurance companies encourage their policy holders to adopt these measures and may offer a premium discount…”

Every Little Bit Helps…

Admittedly, any reduction in insurance premiums you realize from the installation of exterior lighting isn’t likely to make a huge impact on your financial bottom line. But every little bit truly does help.

And besides, when was the last time an insurance company gave you a break for spending money on something you really wanted anyway? Doesn’t happen often!

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