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Will Your Home Renovation Project Be DOA If You Decide To DIY?

Let’s face it: Most home renovation projects are expensive. That’s just the simple truth.

That certainly doesn’t mean that the expense isn’t justified. Home renovation projects offer great opportunities for enriching family life and boosting the value of a property. That’s why, dollar-for-dollar, most home renovation projects offer a return-on-investment that more than justifies the upfront costs.


Even so, the price tag associated with many home renovation projects often put homeowners in sort of a DIY mindset. It sets them to wondering, “Could I save some money by doing this myself?”

That’s a question that’s likely to have a different answer for each individual homeowner. In some cases a homeowner might well be able to pare down the costs of a home renovation project by taking a DIY approach.

And in other cases – not so much.

Are You a DIY Kind of Guy or Gal?

Are you contemplating a home renovation project? Are you also considering doing it yourself?

If your answer to each question is yes, then you’d be wise to carefully and honestly evaluate your own capabilities.

A great way to begin the self-evaluation is just to think about how you handle all the small, routine chores of maintaining a home. Are those chores a breeze for you? Or do you sometimes struggle a bit?

If you find that you’re a bit fumble-fingered when it comes to basic tasks like changing out furnace air filters, replacing batteries in smoke alarms, and other minor maintenance chores, then you have your answer: You’re not a great candidate for a DIY project.

In many ways a home renovation project is like common household maintenance chores on steroids. So if you find yourself consistently foiled by the simple projects, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself in big trouble if you take on a larger project.

Do You Have the Necessary Specialized Experience?

Many home renovation projects require tapping into a very specialized skill set. Performing modifications that are structural in nature, for example, or projects that require electrical or plumbing work.

If you don’t possess those specialized skills – and few homeowners do – then you’ll need some professional help, even if you still perform some of the work yourself. It’s a matter of safety.

And it’s also a matter of legality. In many municipalities certain specialized work may only be performed by licensed professionals.

Is Expediency Important?

Even if you’re a natural for a DIY home renovation project, one fact is absolutely indisputable: you’ll be slower than a professional. After all, it would be quite unreasonable to expect to match the speed and efficiency of a professional who does this type of work day after day, week after week, and year after year.

So you can be sure that your DIY project will take considerably longer to complete – especially if you’re going at it on just a part-time basis. And there’s no doubt that any home renovation project causes a certain amount of inconvenience and turmoil within a household while the project is in progress.

Does it matter that your family will have to endure those inconveniences for a longer period with your DIY approach? Only you can decide.

Be Honest!

When self-evaluating whether you’re a great candidate for a DIY project, be honest. Don’t be tempted into substituting wishful evaluations for real capabilities.

Because if you truly have the skills and aptitude to successfully complete a home remodeling project, you’ll likely find it to be a fulfilling experience. Otherwise, you’ll probably find yourself caught-up in somewhat of a nightmarish experience.

In the end, the most important thing is that the project be completed successfully – no matter who does the work. After all, the DIY experience is transitory. But your family will be living with the results of your home renovation project for a very long time.

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