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Why Do These Homeowners Get Special Treatment?

The move to conserve water is gaining great momentum all across the nation. And not just in areas that you think of as suffering greatly from drought, like California.

News stories about a communities’ effort to conserve water pop up frequently from all over the United States. An example is the recent news to come out of Palm Beach, Florida.

Palm Beach isn’t an area that most people would think of as being water challenged. But in fact, they are just one of many places that are facing increasing water shortages.

Cost vs. Availability

In many parts of the country, the water shortages are caused by, well, water shortages. There’s just not enough water to go around.

That’s certainly the case in places like California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and many other states. These places are suffering from drought conditions so extreme that water has become almost like gold: highly treasured and in short supply.

But many communities are suffering from a different kind of water shortage. These water shortages are driven by the cost of getting potable water to the community. Palm Beach, specifically West Palm Beach, is an example of a community facing that problem.

In 2008, the average cost of delivering a CCF (Centum Cubic Foot: roughly 750 gallons) of water was $1.55. But that price has skyrocketed to nearly $4, more than doubling in just a few years.

That’s a different kind of pain than places like California are suffering, but it’s a very real pain nonetheless.

Smart Sprinklers to The Rescue

Whether water is in short supply or skyrocketing in cost, the reaction is the same: conservation.

That’s what’s happening in Palm Beach. They’re doing all they can to reduce the consumption of water. And just like countless drought-stricken communities throughout the U.S., Palm Beach is really pushing the use of smart lawn sprinkler systems.

I’ve written many times about the amazing water conservation capabilities of systems like TLC’s Hydrawise and K-Rain. A smart sprinkler system can literally slash water consumption in half. That’s why they’ve become a go-to weapon for communities fighting a water shortage problem — whether driven by drought or by water cost.

Palm Beach is just another example.

A Special Privilege For ‘Smart’ Homeowners…

Palm Beach is offering homeowners a special incentive for installing smart sprinkler systems. Every homeowner that installs a smart sprinkler will get special treatment.

You know those “day of the week” watering restrictions that are enforced in so many communities? Palm Beach has those restrictions too. But homeowners that install a smart sprinkler system are exempt.

While everyone else on the street might be forbidden to water on a certain day, a homeowner with a smart sprinkler system doesn’t have to worry about that. If the smart sprinkler system decides it’s time to water, it can water — with no worries about the homeowner getting fined.

Yet another advantage of a smart sprinkler system!

Are You Ready to Get Smart?

If you’re ready to get smart with your sprinkler system, give us a call. You might not get special treatment from your community, but you’ll still enjoy all the advantages of a smart sprinkler system.

And it might seem like you’re getting special treatment when those slashed water bills begin to arrive in the mail!

Give TLC a call at 1-800-PICK-TLC for your free estimate!

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