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Umm…Why Is Your Lawn Sprinkler On? It’s Raining!

Well, the blast-furnace heat of summer is over. Finally! And now we’re enjoying the season of the year that is the favorite of many people.

That means kaleidoscope-colored showers of leaves swirling through the air. It means delightfully cool and crisp autumn air. It means football games. It means trick-or-treating.


And it means rain. Lots of it, if it’s a normal fall.

That doesn’t mean that you can stop watering your lawn. Though it isn’t quite time to winterize your lawn sprinkler system for the winter, that time will soon be here.

But in the meantime, your lawn grass still needs water. The fall rains mean that Mother Nature will provide most of the water your lawn requires. But you’ll likely need to supplement what nature provides for several more weeks.

Fall Rains Highlight Sprinkler System Flaws

Automated lawn sprinkler systems are wonderful conveniences. They certainly make life easier for homeowners. And they help to keep lawns healthier, too – most of the time.

Because during rainy seasons, such as the fall, automated lawn sprinklers can cause problems. They can waste water. And they can even harm your lawn.

It’s not the fault of the sprinkler systems, of course. It’s the fault of the operator. Because the controller of most lawn sprinkler systems must be managed to stay in synch with current weather patterns and rainfall.

That’s where many homeowners fall short. We all lead busy, hectic lives. And it’s just hard to remember to adjust the sprinkler system controller every time the weather turns.

And the next thing you know, it’s pouring down rain outside. And your sprinkler system is going full-force. It happens frequently. It’s embarrassing. It’s wasteful. And it can do real harm to your lawn.

There’s a Much Smarter Solution

Thanks to technology, it’s no longer necessary to constantly adjust your sprinkler controller to stay in sync with the seasons. That’s because of the invention of smart sprinkler controllers.

The most advanced smart controllers, like Hydrawise, keep your sprinkler system in sync automatically. And not just with the season. Hydrawise can keep your sprinkler system in sync with the weather TODAY. It stays in synch with what’s happening RIGHT NOW.


How is it that smart controllers are so smart? They constantly retrieve, monitor, and process environmental variables such as:

  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Day length
  • Wind velocity
  • Local forecasts

Smart controllers juggle all of these variables – along with other factors such as the slope of your lawn, the type of soil, the type of vegetation – in determining when and how much to water.

Ultimately, a smart controller can reduce your water usage by as much as 50%. And it keeps your lawn much healthier by giving it exactly the water it needs – not too little, and not too much.

No More Watering the Sewer System

So as the fall rains begin, if you have a Hydrawise controller, you don’t have to worry about your lawn. Its watering needs will be smartly handled, same as any other time of the year.

And the homeowner that looks like an idiot because his sprinkler system is going full-force in the teeth of a seasonal monsoon, dumping hundreds of gallons of wasted water into the sewer system?

That won’t be you. Not this year!

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