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Ugly Bathroom Payoff

Sometimes being bad can be good. The recent experience of a Canadian woman might be considered proof positive of that seemingly conflicting statement.


Not too long ago, there was a contest held in Canada. It was called the Ugliest Bathroom Contest. Elaine Moraine entered the contest. And she won.

What Kind of Bathroom Wins an ‘Ugly’ Contest?

How does a bathroom win the rare distinction of being proclaimed the ugliest bathroom in all of Canada? Well, here’s a brief description of the champ:

  • The showerhead was held in place with tape (the shower no longer worked, so the showerhead was just ornamental)
  • Duct tape was used to patch many holes in the tub, particularly around the vicinity of the bathtub faucets
  • The tile around the tub featured lots of missing chunks, stained pieces and moldy (or missing) grout
  • A ragged hole cut in the wall provided access to a valve that had to be opened in order to use the bath

A Happy Ending…

The winner of the contest received a free bathroom makeover valued at $10,000. So by now, Canada’s ugliest bathroom is probably just a regular old run-of-the-mill nice bathroom.

But it had its moment of glory. Even if that involved the dubious honor of being named the ugliest of the ugliest!

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