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TLC Revamps Basement Floor With Durable New Coating


TLC recently completed a refinishing of a basement floor for a client in Glen Burnie, Maryland. 

TLC offers contact-less service for your garage or commercial floor with a lifetime warranty. You’ll LOVE having a new garage floor that is easy to clean, durable, and looks great. We also offer financing, 0% down in-house financing. You can get a new garage floor, starting as low as $49 a month!

The Benefits Of Polyaspartic Polyurea

The following are unique properties of Polyaspartic Polyurea – properties that make it the best-ever material for garage (or basement) floor coatings:

  • It can be applied at nearly any temperature (so we can coat your garage floor at any time of the year)
  • It bonds wonderfully to concrete (part of the reason it lasts for a seeming eternity as a garage floor coating)
  •  It can be applied in one day (it cures to full strength in less than an hour!)
  • In spite of its incredible strength, it’s very flexible (that’s why it can even bridge small cracks in your garage floor)
  • Once cured, the high temperatures of summertime will not affect it (even the blast-furnace-like temperatures that might build-up in your garage during the peak of summer!)
  • It’s UV-resistant (you can have it applied outside if you wish, as a patio or driveway coating, for example)
  • It offers superior stain resistance (easy clean-up with just a spray hose)
  • It offers high-impact resistance (it’s not going to chip and flake every time you drop a hammer or a wrench)
  • It provides an incredibly high-gloss finish that won’t fade (It’ll look like new for years)
  • It can be applied in an incredible array of colors and patterns (your garage coating can be absolutely unique with customized colors and artistic patterns)
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