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TLC Installing a New Automated Lawn Sprinkler System in Odenton, Maryland


Conserve water, save money, AND improve your lawn’s health! 

Have you been thinking about finally taking the plunge and having a lawn sprinkler system installed? It’s certainly worth thinking about. After all, an automated lawn sprinkler system offers many benefits:

  • Water Conservation: Managed properly, a lawn sprinkler system will keep your lawn and landscape well-watered and healthy, while making the most of every drop of water. That’s a greater concern in some locales than in others, but globally, water is becoming an ever-more-precious resource. So conserving water is simply the right thing to do, even if your community doesn’t yet enforce conservation standards.
  • Convenience: Manually watering your lawn and landscape involves dragging hoses and sprinklers all over your landscape all summer long. It’s a royal pain in the behind (and we know you have better things to do!). With a lawn sprinkler system, all you have to do is set the controller, and your landscape will be watered to perfection every time.
  • The Health and Appearance of Your Landscape: Automated sprinkler systems are easier on you, but they’re also better for your lawn. That’s because a well-designed system will apply water evenly, and in just the right amount, to every nook and cranny of your landscape. Applying water evenly by manually dragging around and positioning sprinklers is a virtual impossibility.
  • Property Value Bump: If the time comes to sell your home, most realtors agree that a landscape sprinkler system will give your property value a nice nudge in the right direction. The degree of increased valuation depends upon a number of variables. But savvy home buyers understand the benefits that a sprinkler system provides, and are willing to pay a bonus for those benefits.

Plus, new ‘smart’ irrigation controllers, like TLC’s Hydrawise and K-Rain smart controllers, can completely take over the chore of managing your landscape irrigation. You can monitor, configure, and manage your system from anywhere in the world, using simply your phone. 

Never have to drag out the hose again. Contact TLC today for all of your lawn sprinkler and irrigation needs! 

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