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Thumbs-Up for Costco and Nordstrom

At least there are a few major retailers that plan to hold on to the Thanksgiving tradition – for now, anyway. Costco and Nordstrom have announced that they will NOT be open on Thanksgiving.


Mega-chains like Walmart, Kmart and Target have decided to throw away their employees’ Thanksgiving so that you can shop-’til-you-drop on Turkey Day. But a few big name brands are bucking that trend. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Even if you’re of the crowd that would rather be bumped and jostled by strangers all day in a Turkey Day shopping frenzy, instead of relaxing at home with family – you have enough shopping options available for that day, don’t you?

It’s OK if the occasional store decides to hold on to the centuries-old tradition of Thanksgiving for just a little bit longer, isn’t it?

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