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The Safest, Most Secure Home At Night…

Let me take you back about twenty-eight years…

Here I am, running out to the driveway in an absolute panic.

My wife yelled to me, “where is mom!?”

We had just gotten home from dinner, and my mother-in-law didn’t come in the house right behind us…

We thought the worst.

“She tripped and fell, and is laying outside waiting for help”

I’ll never forget the feeling of panic, guilt, and embarrassment…

The good news is that although we had assumed the worst, I gratefully found her walking back toward the house after retrieving her glasses out of her car.


That was a great reality check, for me.

I knew my driveway and yard were poorly lit and dark at night.

What I didn’t realize, until that night, was just how dangerous it was for those I love.

The next morning, I turned my nightmare situation into a dream come true.

I invested in quality lighting, had my guys figure out how to install them, and not only have I rested easy every night since…

…but my house and the curb appeal have improved dramatically.

Years later, TLC has helped hundreds of local customers improve the safety and security of their homes with landscape lighting installed for you…while improving curb appeal.

We’ve got a special going on right now where we’ll come out and set up a FREE landscape lighting demonstration for you. Click the link below to schedule.

Free Landscape Lighting Demo



If you’re anything like me, and you HATE the thought of somebody getting hurt at your home at night…

Claim your FREE Landscape Lighting Demonstration while we still have openings.

We’ll come out and set up your home with real lights and give you a full night to fully see for yourself the difference…BEFORE you buy.

Sound good?

Click the link below or call (410) 721‐2342 to set up your FREE Landscape Lighting Demonstration.

Free Landscape Lighting Demonstration

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