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Six New Special-Effects Christmas Lights You Might Not Know About

These days, LED Christmas lights are rapidly replacing old-fashioned incandescent lights as the go-to technology for holiday lighting. LEDs offer lots of advantages over incandescent lights: they last thousands of hours longer, are vastly more energy efficient, and produce brighter, purer colors.


You probably already know all about the advantages that LEDs offer over incandescents. But the technological benefits of LED lighting extend beyond just those advantages listed above. LED technology has thrown open the doors to a whole new realm of creativity in the design and engineering of holiday lighting effects.

Following are just some of the new lighting effects made possible by LED technology. Some are on the market and available right now; others are just over the horizon and will soon be available to the public.

But all offer a delightful new dimension of creativity to your Christmas light displays.

  • LED Animated Icicles: With the clear, crystalline look of natural icicles, each animated icicle contains a chain of tiny ice-white LED bulbs. The chain of bulbs is animated in sequence top-to-bottom, like sun-glinted waterdrops cascading down the length of a slowly melting icicle.
  • LED Animated Snowfall Tubes: Similar to the animated icicles, a chain of white LED bulbs enclosed within a clear plastic tube mimics the appearance of fat snowflakes drifting down through a moonlit sky.
  • LED Tri-Bulbs: 3-pronged bulbs that connect end-to-end to form a unique-looking stringer of LED Christmas lights.
  • LED Beaded Light Strings: Multi-colored, round LED bulbs strung in combo with clear beads. Great for wrapping trees, bushes, garlands, and for creating LED-light curtains.
  • LED Three-In-One Bulbs: Soon to hit the market are LED bulbs that contain the three primary colors of red, blue, and green within a single bulb. By varying the intensity of the three colors, a single bulb is capable of displaying millions of different color hues. You’ll control the chameleon-like capabilities of these bulbs through a smartphone app. Your smartphone will serve as an electronic painter’s palette as you dial in new color combos on a whim.
  • Christmas-In-A-Box: Animate your light displays and make them dance to music with this pre-programmed controller. (Works with incandescent lights too.)

What Will They Think of Next…

The leap in technology represented by LED lights presents a world of possibilities that simply weren’t feasible with incandescent lights. The special-effects lights listed above are just the forerunners of a fascinating and creative new wave of holiday lighting options.

It’ll sure be interesting to see what they think of next!

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