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Reduce One of the Worst Threats You Face with Landscape Lighting

If you were to guess where you’re most likely to suffer a serious injury, what would that guess be? On the job, perhaps? While driving your car, maybe?

In fact, the place where you’re most likely to suffer a serious injury is at home-sweet-home. Statistics show that in the United States, injuries occur more frequently at home than at any other place. And the most frequent cause of injuries that occur at home is falling.


It’s a Threat You Can Reduce Significantly

A study was recently conducted to determine if certain household upgrades could significantly reduce the occurrence of falling-related injuries. Modifications included things such as:

  • Installing outdoor lighting
  • Installing indoor and outdoor handrails
  • Installing bathroom rails
  • Installing non-slip bath mats
  • Installing slip-resistant surfaces on outdoor walkways

What were the results? It turned out that occupants of the modified homes suffered 26% fewer fall-related injuries – a significant reduction of risk.

Reducing Risk of Falling Particularly Important for Elderly

Falling at home presents the greatest threat of suffering a serious injury for anyone. But for the elderly, falling represents a particularly grave threat.

For senior citizens, falls at home pose a greater threat of long-term, debilitating injuries. And a simple fall is more likely to result in a very serious injury, such as a broken hip.

The elderly are also more likely to suffer from deteriorating vision. That’s why certain of the home improvements listed above – installing outdoor lighting, for example – are particularly recommended for homes with elderly residents.

Home Sweet Home…

As the old saying goes, there really is no place like home. When we’re away from home, we look forward to returning. It’s where each of us is the most comfortable.

But though it may feel otherwise, it’s NOT where we’re the safest.

So if you haven’t done so, you’d be wise to consider installing all the home improvements recommended to help reduce falling accidents.

Because it’s true that there’s no place like home-sweet-home. But it’s not so sweet when you’re cooped-up at home recovering from a tumble that happened at home.



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