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Outside is the New Inside

If you were to take a survey of homeowners across America, asking them to rate their satisfaction with their home, a common sense of discontent would likely be revealed. That’s because it’s a rare homeowner that considers his or her home to be perfect as is.


That’s why home renovation projects are so popular. Homeowners are spending big bucks these days on renovation projects such as basement remodels.

But there’s only so much space to work with in a home. Even if you’re willing to go to the mega-expense of building an addition onto your home, there’s only so far you can go with that. That’s why many homeowners find themselves running out of interior space before they’ve quelled their dissatisfaction with their homes.

And that’s why many homeowners are moving out.

Moving Out, Not Away…

Until recently, your yard was considered to be not much more than a place to grow grass, flowers and maybe a few vegetables. But these days, outdoor space is beginning to be regarded entirely differently.

Many homeowners that find themselves cramped for interior space are converting their outdoor space into living area. It’s become a new trend in creating more elbowroom for homeowners’ families.

How can you transform outdoor space into living area? By having the same comforts of home outside that you have inside. Things like:

  • Outdoor kitchens, complete with sinks, ovens, stoves and cabinetry
  • Comfy living-room-like outdoor furniture
  • Weather-tolerant outdoor TVs, complete with theater-like surround sound

And of course outdoor living areas can also feature items that just won’t work indoors, things like fire pits, massive decorative boulders and stadium-like bench seating.

Exterior Lighting Makes it Possible

Obviously enough, transforming the outdoors into the new indoors requires lighting. That’s why elegantly designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting systems are an integral component of this rapidly growing trend. And that’s why outdoor lighting systems are so in-demand these days.

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, more than 95% of landscape architects rated the installation of outdoor lighting systems as a very popular and in-demand trend.

So if you’re looking at getting more utility and value from your outdoor space, your first step is to get it lit properly. And to do that, give us a call at TLC Inc. Our outdoor lighting specialists will light the way in transforming your outside into the new inside.


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