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Not Sure What to do With Your ‘Blank Canvas’ Basement?

Have you been considering the possibility of having your basement renovated, but just not sure which direction you’d like to go with it?

That’s understandable. One of the great benefits of a basement renovation is that you can do just about anything you want with it.

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After all, your basement is isolated from the rest of your house. So whatever you decide to do with your basement won’t affect any other part of your home. And conversely, the rest of your house won’t affect your basement. So there’s no need for concern about stylistic clashes between your renovated basement and the aboveground portion of your home.

Like an artist faced with a blank canvas, you have the freedom to do anything you want with your basement. That’s a wonderful freedom, but it comes with a price: you have to decide what you want.

And when you’re faced with a wealth of choices, deciding is not necessarily an easy task.

So we thought we’d let you know about three of the current top trends in basement renovation. These are areas that many people are focusing upon (and delighting in) with their basement renovations:

  • Creating Customized Storage Space. The primary function that basements often serve is providing a place of storage. And no doubt, basements are convenient places for storing stuff and clutter. If you decide to renovate your basement, you’ll likely need to clear some of that out. But renovating your basement doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo using it as a place of storage.

One of the hot trends in basement remodeling is incorporating lots of custom storage in the redesign. In fact, you might be quite surprised to learn just how much storage space can be designed into a basement remodel – all while leaving plenty of room for the traditional uses of remodeled basements.

  • A Rustic Look. Many people like to take quite a departure from the traditional finishes of indoor rooms: drywall, paint, wallpaper, paneling, etc. The ‘blank canvas’ of their basement gives them leave to do so. And what many homeowners are going for these days is more of a rustic look in their renovated basements.

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Stone and slate tiles for walls is one approach for achieving a rustic look. And there are lots of options for creating a rustic look using unfinished or roughly finished wood. We reported here once about a homeowner who even built a real log cabin in his renovated basement. That was really a rustic look!

  • Creative, Customized Colors. For many homeowners, the tame and traditional beiges and whites that dominate interior colors are just Yawnsville. But while many homeowners may consider traditional indoor colorings to be boring, most don’t want to go wild with their indoor colors – except in their renovated basements.

It’s almost like a basement renovation allows an outlet for creativity and daring – sort of like a pressure-relief valve. And again, what you do in your basement stays in your basement, without impacting the rest of your house. (Almost like having your own mini-Vegas – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!). That allows you to venture into previously forbidden areas of the paint chip chart in planning your basement renovation.

Need Help With Your Artistic Vision?

The three popular trends listed above? The truth is that they only scratch the surface of possibilities in basement renovations.

And at TLC Inc., we’re very experienced basement renovation artists. We’ve converted lots of ‘blank canvas’ basements into renovated works-of-art – if we may be so bold as to say ourselves.

So if you’re tired of your blank canvas basement, and ready to turn it into something truly creative and useful, give us call. We’ll be able to offer you a wealth of suggestions.

You might still have trouble deciding what to do with your basement. But better too many choices than too few, wouldn’t you agree?

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