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Want Lots of Natural Lighting For Your Remodeled Basement?

Basements are often thought of as dark and dreary places. And for good reason, because basements often are dark, dreary places.

But they don’t have be.


That’s good news if you’re considering remodeling your basement. Because once your remodeling project has been completed, you’ll be spending lots of time in your basement. And it will be a cheerier place with lots of natural, bright sunlight casting a warm glow across your basement’s innards.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

If your basement is like most, there aren’t many points-of-access through which natural light can enter. So you’ll want to make the most of the existing entryways through which sunlight might be able enter your basement:

  • Windows: Make certain that curtains and blinds are mounted such that they don’t block a single square inch of precious sunlight-admitting real estate when they’re open. Light-colored blinds and curtains will help reflect more light into the interior. Dark-colored blinds and curtains, even when open, will have the opposite effect.
  • Doors: Installing a glass door on an exterior entry will allow in lots of extra sunlight.

You’ll also want to make the best possible use of the sunlight that does enter your basement. One way to do that is by strategically locating some large mirrors throughout your basement’s interior. Place the mirrors so that they catch the incoming sunlight and reflect it into darker interior locations.

The colors you choose for your basement’s interior can also help to make the most of the available sunlight. Colors that are light and naturally reflective will tend to bounce the incoming sunlight throughout your basement’s interior.

Even the décor and furnishings you choose can make a significant difference. Choose items that are light-colored, or that are made of naturally reflective materials such bright, shiny metals, or glass or crystal.

Remote Delivery

Your basement obviously doesn’t have the same access to natural lighting that the aboveground portions of your home enjoy. But your basement will have some outside access, even if through no other means than the emergency exits that the law mandates.

But if outside access is extremely limited, there’s a high-tech option you can use to tap into a wealth of sunlight. It’s called a “tubular skylight.” Tubular skylights (sometimes called “sun pipes,” “light tubes” or “light tunnels”) can fetch sunlight from your rooftop and deliver it to any interior location of your home, including your basement.

A tubular skylight outlet can be ceiling-mounted, like a traditional skylight, or wall-mounted, letting sunlight in as though through a window. And in some cases, the inlet end of tubular skylights can be mounted on an outside wall rather than on the rooftop. Some models of tubular skylights can even deliver sunlight to your basement through a convoluted run that includes 90-degree bends.

You can use the technology of tubular skylights to harvest as much sunlight as you want, and deliver it anywhere throughout your basement interior.

Cheat A Little

If the above options just aren’t your style or fall outside the bounds of your budget, you can always cheat a little. Thanks to modern technology, there are artificial lighting options that mimic natural sunlight with amazing authenticity.

Daylight Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs offer the full spectrum of natural sunlight, and can be used in most lighting fixtures. And super-energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs that closely mimic sunlight are also available.

Or perhaps a hybrid solution will work best for you. Tubular skylights are available, for example, that supplement and boost the natural sunlight they deliver with sunlight-mimicking LED light.

Your Dream Basement Awaits…

Plan carefully and make the right choices, and your dark and dreary basement can be converted into a beautiful oasis of light and comfort. Though it may seem counter intuitive, it’s perfectly possible that one day you’ll be able to bask in the glow of natural sunlight while luxuriously lounging in your basement.

You have only to decide to make it happen.

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