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Mood Lighting for Your Home and Landscape

How are you feeling today?

Whether the answer to that question is a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down, the interior and exterior lighting of your home has something to do with it.


Though most of us go through our lives without really thinking much about it, light greatly affects each of us, both physically and emotionally. In fact, the type of light and the amount of light in and around your home can directly impact your emotional moods, and even your sense of well-being.

Are You Being Played?

Lots of businesses know about the relationship between lighting and mood. And they use that knowledge to their advantage.

Bright lights, for example, can tend to intensify emotions and cause people to be more abrupt and decisive. That’s why fast-food restaurants are always brightly lit; the bright lights encourage customers to leave more quickly. The softer, dimmer lights found in fine-dining restaurants help people to be more relaxed, and to linger longer – and possibly purchase more (dessert, anyone?).

Retail stores also use the mood-altering power of light to increase sales. And many businesses are even using the effects of lighting to increase employee productivity.

The Lack of Lighting Can Make You SAD

A lack of light can also be a powerful mood-altering force. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and it’s a form of depression that impacts many people during the low-light days of winter.

The low light levels that cause SAD can lead to very serious symptoms and complications, including suicidal thoughts or behavior.

And the treatment for SAD? Not surprisingly, light therapy is a leading treatment used to fight this illness.

Harness the Mood-Altering Power of Light

Many of the businesses you frequent may be using the power of light to help fine-tune your mood and modify your behavior. Your employer may be doing the same.

Why not put the mood-altering power of light to work for you in your own home?

Simply brightening the intensity of light within a single room can have a powerful impact upon your mood.

Of course, the mood-altering power of light certainly doesn’t disappear as soon as you step outside your front door. Along with enhanced safety and security, outdoor lighting can impact your mood to the positive, particularly during the dark and dreary winter months. And outdoor lighting can help to take a big bite out of any SAD-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

Into every life some rain must fall. That old saying is quite true. But increasing the light in your life can help to diminish the emotional impact of your problems; modern research confirms that it’s so.

How enlightening!

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