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LED Landscape Lighting: The Future Is Now

You hear a lot about LED lighting these days. It’s because we’re in the midst of a revolution, a changing of the technological guard.


For more than a century, incandescents ruled supreme as the primary means of generating light. Candles and oil lamps represented the previous pinnacle of lighting technology that incandescent bulbs supplanted, so incandescents represented a huge leap forward in the technology of lighting.

But now, it could be argued, LEDs represent almost as large a leap in technological advancement. That’s because LEDs offer so many advantages in energy efficiency, durability, reliability, longevity, and even in the quality of light. That’s why we’re in the middle of a revolution, with LED bulbs steadily replacing incandescent bulbs.

Not so long ago, in fact, the benefits that LEDs currently offer would have been the stuff of science fiction.

LEDs Especially Benefit Landscapes

LEDs are replacing incandescent bulbs everywhere. From Christmas lights to car lights, and every purpose in between, the amazing benefits of LED lights are making incandescent bulbs obsolete.

But that’s especially true for landscapes. In fact, the benefits that LED lights offer almost seem custom-designed for outdoor landscape lighting. It’s not a stretch to say that LEDs have enabled the elevating of landscape lighting to an art. And it’s an art form that’s available to everyone.

Coupled with programmable capability (did you know you could run your landscape lighting system from your smartphone?), any homeowner can have a system that can be customized at a whim.

Compare to Halogens…

Until very recently, halogen bulbs were used heavily in landscape lighting systems. They are now being replaced in both new and existing systems by LED bulbs.

The reasons are pretty simple:

  • LEDs use 10-times LESS energy
  • LEDs last 10-times LONGER
  • LEDs offer far more options in color intensity and brightness

And the differences between LEDs and other bulb types once commonly used in landscape lighting systems are similarly impressive.

Why Use Anything Else?

We currently use LED bulbs almost exclusively in our landscape lighting business. LEDs are so superior that it just simply doesn’t make sense to use anything else in most cases.


For homeowners considering installing a new landscape lighting system, it’s important to know about the advantages offered by LEDs. All new systems should be designed and installed using LED lights. But for homeowners with existing landscape lighting systems, it’s important to know that LEDs can also be retrofitted to existing systems. And in most cases that can be done quite easily.

So whether you have an existing landscape lighting system, or are considering installing one, the age of the LED has arrived. What was once science fiction is now just everyday reality. And happily so!

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