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Is Your Garage Ventilation Adequate?

Most homeowners are concerned about the quality of the air inside their homes. But many don’t think about the quality of the air inside their garages. That’s unfortunate, because many garages are not well ventilated. And poor ventilation in your garage can cause some significant problems.


Stale air in your garage can lead to a build-up of noxious odors – particularly if you store items such as gasoline, paints and solvents, and lawn chemicals in your garage. And those noxious odors will almost certainly find their way into your home.

The air in poorly ventilated garages is also likely to become too humid. That promotes the growth of molds and mildews that at worst can create a health hazard, and at best will leave your garage smelling a bit funky.

Ventilation Tips

Natural ventilation may be all you need to keep your garage sufficiently ventilated. Install two wall vents of at least 6 inches in diameter. Mount the vents on opposite walls.

If natural ventilation isn’t enough, consider adding exhaust fans. Fans should be mounted either in the ceiling or high on the walls so that they are expelling the warmest, most humid air. Exhaust fans can be operated manually. But a better approach might be to control the operation of the fans with a timer or thermostat. Select fans with automated, weatherproof louvers.

Parked Cars Increase the Need for Ventilation

Routinely parking your car in your garage will increase the need for ventilation. A car that’s been driven for just a short time and then parked in the garage will release heat into the garage for hours. And parking your car in your garage will also tend to substantially increase the levels of humidity in the air – particularly during rainy or snowy weather.

Though you may not spend much time in your garage, making certain that your garage is well ventilated is important. Keeping the air in your garage clean and cool will pay dividends beyond simply providing a clean, fresh smell.

But it would certainly be nice to be able to pass through your garage without wrinkling your nose in disgust, wouldn’t it?



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